What happened the day after Thanksgiving??

The kitchen was cleaned.  Again.

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The boys bottled a late November, Octoberfest beer.

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The dogs relaxed.

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Pages were read.

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Stuffing + corn pudding leftovers were eaten.  And eaten again.  Cold + hot, either way will do!

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A nap was taken.

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The house was vacuumed.  [Thanks mom + dad – love it!]

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I peddled on the bike for 35min and finally felt human again.

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Yogadownload 8 minute abs almost killed me.  Then, 20min yoga for cyclists brought me back to life, as well as some very hydrating coconut water!

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Dakota acted depressed.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Tea was sipped.  TV was watched.

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Day after Thanksgiving success!!!

<3 Ashley