paper towel bounce

I’ve been meaning to buy a piece of white foam board to bounce light when taking photographs.  This helps to alleviate shadows on 1 side of the subject.  The light bounces from the white board onto the subject to help brighten things up.

This morning, I decided to create a light bounce with a paper towel roll.  I laid it on the table with my oats [paper towel roll to the left – sun coming in from the right], pulled up a few sheets with my left hand [to bounce the light on the left side of the bowl] and snapped the photo with my right hand. 

I wish Chris would have been home to take a photo of me taking these photos.  I’m pretty sure it was quite the scene.

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Here was the set up….it wasn’t perfect, but definitely helped a bit!


Oh yah…the oats.  Pumpkin oats, obviously, with pumpkin almond butter, almonds, granola + coconut.  MUNCH!

Nice + bright on the left side!  I’ll try to show better documentation of this ghetto light bounce sometime soon. ;)

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Pretty much anytime I have an open can of pumpkin, I make a pumpkin smoothie.  Have you made one yet???  If not you must!!

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This version had quite the ZING of spice.  I put in a huge chunk of fresh ginger.  Woweee!!

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I thought I had such a great idea for dinner.  I’ve made similar things before, but this one was totally blah blah blah.

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First I cooked a GInormous spaghetti squash.  Then I dug out all it’s stringy, squashy goodness and put it in a baking dish.  I only used HALF of the squash and it completely filled this 8x8 pan.  Huge I tell ya!

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Then I rinsed + cooked red lentils to go on top of the squash to give it a little more oomph!  Spaghetti squash isn’t exactly filling.  These basically turned to mush after cooking.  Lame.

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I layered the mushy lentils on top of the squash, followed by a mound of steamed broccoli.

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Then covered it with pasta sauce I did not like at all!  I should have made my own but the convenience in a jar got me this time.  Gr.  Not only was the sauce crappy, my light was fading away.  The sauce was by Muir Glen Organic and it was the “roasted garlic.”  {gag}

However, I highly recommend their “garden vegetable.”

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The saving ingredient was this parmesan bagel, from a local bagel shop.  I ground it in the food processor for bread crumbs to bake on top.  Uhhh, yum.

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Awesome parmesan crumbs!

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Eeeeeeek, kitchen lighting.  This tasted about as good as it looks.  I mean, it was definitely edible and I have eaten it twice now.  However, definitely not recipe worthy. 

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blah blah blah

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I have about 589 things to do before leaving for San Fran on Thursday morning.  Please excuse my spaziness!!! :)

Also – I’m so glad you were all as excited about the Vegan Pumpkin Baked French toast as I was.  There were many requests for me to come make breakfast for you…on my waaaaaaaay!! 

Time to rest!