a san francisco treat!

Look who I found a the Denver airport!!!  Kath + Emily!  Lunch #1 was a Jamba Juice berry topper, which was delicious.  Kath and I have hung out a few times before, from when I lived in Charlotte but this was the first time meeting Emily in person.  We talk so frequently, that it’s strange to think we hadn’t met yet.  We pre-planned seats next to each other and chatted the entire flight.  So great to finally connect face to face!  So sad these ladies don’t live closer! 

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After awhile we picked up a few other bloggers there too!  {Gina + Laura}  The excitement finally set in once arriving at the airport and chatting it up with these lovely ladies.  You never run out of things to talk about when you’re with other food bloggers.  Ever.

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Costume change numero uno.  There will be a lot of these this weekend!

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Off to the Ferry Building for sightseeing and a snack!  Kath led the way!

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Teri and I have become such good friends this past year, so it was great finally getting to meet her in person.  She was just as super sweet in person as she seems on her blog. :)

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The Ferry Building was about 1 mile from the hotel.  It holds one of the most famous farmer’s markets in San Fran on the weekend. 

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This building is focused around FOOD!  

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Specialty mushroom store.

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The cheeses smelled amazing. 

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I guess this creamery is pretty famous.  I’m such a San Fran newbie!

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This coffee shop is also really well known and is supposed to have some of the best coffee you can find anywhere.  Emily and I grabbed iced Americano’s because it was HOT outside.  Unseasonably warm!  No one packed summer clothes….

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I believe this is the Bay Bridge?  :)

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Snack time!

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Gina + Michelle met us there after awhile and then I headed back to the hotel, to get ready to meet up with 2 of my best friends from grad school.

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Ginette!!!  This girl is studying for her phD at Berkeley, in Architecture.  Amazing!

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She specifically took me down a street to check out a Frank Lloyd Wright building.  My architecture dorkiness is totally shining in San Fran. 

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Xanadu Gallery

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Ginette and I headed to a Thai restaurant, called OSHA, which was completely amazing.  We started with veggie spring rolls, that were by far the best I’ve ever had.

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Catching up…quickly!  We did not get enough time together!! :(

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We met up with Amelia there too.  She works as an architect in the city and is extremely talented.  I miss these ladies so much!

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I completely devoured this. 

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Fancy curry dish.

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Pork and some sort of Thai salad for Ginette.

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My ride for the night…. ;)

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Such a whirlwind so far!!  After this I met back in the room with Mama Pea and we went out for 2nd dinner.  MP had just gotten in from a long day of traveling and my stomach was completely confused on what time it was.  I think I ate 5 meals yesterday. hehe  This was another friendship to finally come full circle.  Sarah is completely amazing in person, obviously.  I feel so lucky to have so many great friendships spread all over the country! 

We’re off with a group of girls to meet at Bread and Cocoa for breakfast!  Just wanted to get up a quick post up to show you what’s been going on so far.  Lot’s of fun, lot’s of food, tons of talking, and not much sleep! :)

<3 Ashley