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Well hello there!  Thought I would pop in for a late afternoon post again.

I headed to Lowes last night to get clamp lights + shades to hold the 3 new light bulbs I bought the other week.  Of course they only had 1 set in the size I needed.  I bought the one, but definitely need the other 2!!

Still, I felt like playing around with the light box to see what I could do with 1 light.  These photos are nothing spectacular but I had a fun time controlling the light to create different effects. 

The camera was sitting on my tripod, so I could hold the light where I wanted, not worrying about also having to hold the camera.  Now all I need is one of those automatic shutter buttons so I don’t have to touch the camera at all!

By moving around 1 light, I felt like the mood of each photo was changing.  The sun is my light of choice, and I use bouncing techniques to eliminate or enhance shadows.  It was fun to get to take the role as “the sun” in this case!

The more you play + experiment the more your photography will improve!  Also…read.read.read. :)

[light coming in low + to the right]

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[light coming in mid height + centered on the right side]

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[light coming in mid height + from slightly behind on the right]

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(11 of 13)

Favorite shot of this playful photo shoot.  I like how it’s sort of backlit but also coming from the side.  I feel like the soup is flirting with me.  haha  Maybe I’m just reading into it too much…

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Curious about the soup?  Yeah, you should be.  It’s possibly my favorite soup ever.  You can thank Mama Pea for this one. 

original recipe here: Spicy African Peanut Soup

Changes I made + reasonings for them:

  • 2/3c millet instead of 1/2c red lentils
    • We were out of red lentils.  I had this soup while staying at Mama Pea’s house.  I’m not sure which way I prefer but the millet definitely thickened this soup up even more than the lentils.  I love the texture of millet!! 
  • 3-4c veggie broth instead of 2c
    • This was due to the extra moisture the millet soaked up – it just kept eating the liquid!
  • 2/3c water + 1c full fat coconut milk instead of 1 full can light coconut milk
  • 1/4t cayenne instead of garam masala
    • we don’t have garam masala
  • 2t curry instead of 1.5t
    • I needed to add more since I added quite a bit more liquid.
  • 2t pure cane sugar instead of stevia

Very minor adjustments!!

There are so many good things happening with this recipe.

  1. you throw it all in the crock pot = easy!!
  2. the sweet potato cubes take on the perfect texture
  3. coconut flavor, mixed with curry and a little spice = true love
  4. great mix of textures – creamy, soft + slightly crunchy
  5. flavor explosion
  6. filling from the taters + chickpeas + millet [or red lentils]
  7. did I mention DELICIOUS?

Perfect for a chilly winter night!  Chris LOVED this as well.  :)

Back to getting things done!!