a $3.50 lifesaver

Colorado is dry.  Seriously SO DRY.  There are many things I love about Colorado and I even love the dryness in the summer.  I mean, really…who likes humidity?  However, dryness in the winter??  I am not a fan!  Especially since I’m busy in the kitchen causing at least 3 messes a day.  My hands are soaked in water far too often and I’m left cracked + bloody + in pain.  Gross, but true.

Obviously there is nothing new about dish washing/household cleaning gloves, but I’ve just never given them a fair chance.  I’m too lazy to put these on every time a dish is dirty. 

However, at Whole Foods the other day, these caught my eye.  I’m a sucker for “green” [not the color] products, especially ones costing $3.50.  I have used them every single time I have more than 3 things to wash and my hands are LOVING me for it. 

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Ohhhh the little things….