Sunny Colorado Christmas

This morning was fun.  For once, I didn’t jump out of bed right away, and I didn’t make breakfast first thing.  Chris + I lazied around and coffee happened first.  I decided to break out my new froth-er that my aunt got me when we were at IKEA.  For $1.99, I wasn’t sure if it would actually work, but check this out!

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I heated up some unsweetened almond milk, then frothed it, then poured in the coffee + topped with cinnamon.  It was creamy, foamy, deliciousness!!  We were very excited.  Love the festive mug my mom found for me at Crate + Barrel.

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Such a fun new toy!!

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You’d think Dakota could at least put on a smile for Christmas…but look at her sad mug!  Poor thing!

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I sat down and she just starred at me, almost touching my face, for minutes.  It was like a starring contest, and I definitely lost.

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Apparently, I was also boring Kenna. 

Looking quite stylish, don’t you think?

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After opening presents, I got to breakfast.  Chris wanted a smoothie.  It was packed with blackberries, strawberries, bananas, yogurt + almond milk. 

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Would you believe it was in the 50’s today and there was not a cloud in the sky or a snowflake in sight???  When we drove to my uncle’s house for dinner, we saw a bunch of men out golfing!!

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Not sure how appetizing this looks, but it was extremely delicious nonetheless.  I made my vegan pumpkin french toast, except I cut up the English muffins, cooked them, and piled them high.  It was slathered in maple syrup, peanut butter, + jelly. 

Ohhhh was this tasty + perfect!

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We headed to my uncle’s for Christmas dinner and had such a great time.  My dad’s brother, wife + daughter, live only about 10min away.  They had such a cute tree that they cut down from their property up in the mountains. 

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Their big dog Jonah is so sweet. 

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Wouldn’t mind seeing this out of my family room window everyday! 

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Such a fun day/night with my 15yr old cousin Elizabeth and a bunch of her mom’s family.  This is my new jacket from Anthropologie.  I love it and love the deal I got on it even more!!  Saved 65%!

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Elizabeth, Uncle Pete, + me

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And finally a photo of the huz!!  It’s been awhile!  So nice to be with him on Christmas, but definitely missed the Ohio family today.  (15 of 17)

My aunt + her sister made an awesome spread for dinner.  They made prime rib, pecan topped sweet potatoes [amazing!], rolls, salad, creamy carrots topped with almonds, and mashed potatoes.  It was my first time having the pecan topped sweet taters.  Boy have I been missing out!  My aunt’s mom made 3 pies for dessert.  I finally had my first slice of pumpkin pie this year and also had a slice of pecan pie.  Probably my two favorite pies and they were both outstanding!

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It’s nice to have family nearby. :)  We ended the night playing 3 rounds of a new game that Chris got me, called Pandemic. 

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Does anyone have this game??  It is so much fun and pretty crazy!  Awesome find.  Then, Elizabeth and I failed miserably at making a ginger bread house.

The rest of the photos are courtesy of Elizabeth. :)

She had one of those store-bought kits.  We decided to try and get creative with the design of the house, which hurt us in the end, haha.  It may or may not have been my idea to “think outside the box” for the design.  Oops!  We also should have probably read the directions, which we noticed after the house came crashing down.  The directions were a mile long.  This is really not meant to be a young child activity.  We had a ton of fun and laughed the whole time.  It was the best disaster ever….

My solar panel array..

To say this was a mess is a complete understatement!  We had such good intentions…

Fabulous morning…relaxing, fun, delicious night.  Perfect Christmas.

Excited for tomorrow…I get to see Laura + Travis who were in Central America for THREE months!! 

Sugar crash…..bedtime!

<3 Ashley