lazy pumpkin

Ahhh, what a lovely night spent sleeping for 8 hours.  It’s been awhile. 

By the looks of many Facebook status messages, it seems as though today was spent as a lazy Sunday.  We definitely partook in some laziness ourselves!

Pumpkin oats were top on my list for breakfast.  However, they were slightly disappointing, as I was out of bananas.  The texture just isn’t the same.

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But still delicious, especially with maple cinnamon almond butter on top!

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In the mix:

  • 1/2c water
  • 3/4c almond milk
  • 3T rolled oats
  • 3T oat bran
  • 2T ground flax meal
  • 1/3c pumpkin puree

Topped with: walnuts, almond butter, and maple syrup

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After breakfast we headed to Boulder, to spend the afternoon with Laura + Travis.  Like I said yesterday, they just got home from a 3.5 month stint in Central America.  It’s so great to have them back!! 

We headed back to Ft. Collins and made a quick stop downtown.  I love how they decorated the trees on College Ave, the main downtown strip.  Another day of stellar weather + beautiful sunny skies. 

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Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph dinner, because it was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.  It was even better because I didn’t make it…Chris did!  While I was home in Ohio, he developed a recipe for herb breaded tempeh.  He got the breadcrumbs to stick so well and cooked to perfection.  This would be the best recipe to try for someone new to tempeh.  I can’t imagine someone not liking this!  I remember trying to make breaded chicken [or chicken parm] so many times and the chicken always ended up dry and the breadcrumbs always fell off.  Such a comforting, familiar tasting meal, with a new + better twist [in my opinion ;)].  I’ll definitely be sharing this soon.  It’s going to become a frequent meal in this house!

We’re headed to the mountains tomorrow.  SO excited to get back on my snowboard.  Chris has this week off from work, which I’m so excited for!  Hope to get to the mountains a few times, make some delicious meals, watch movies, play Pandemic, and drink wine. :) 

If you’re just catching up from this past week….

And now to continue with the wine + start a game of Pandemic!