mountain masala

While Ft. Collins had another 50* day, the mountains were a different story.  It was sunny, but only 17 degrees!  We forgot that a lot of people had Monday off since Christmas fell on the weekend, so needless to say it took 3hrs to get to the mountains today.  Luckily Chris does the driving!

I finally found the memory card for my point n’ shoot camera.  No sense in hauling the dSLR and leaving it in the cold car all day long.  Here are a few shots from the drive.  We drove over the pass today, instead of taking the tunnel, because we went to A-Basin. 

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The pass goes up over the mountain and is mainly for trucks carrying HC [hazardous chemicals] inside.  HC trucks are not permitted to go through the tunnel. 

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We took the pass because it’s actually a little shorter when going to A-Basin and typically has less traffic.  However, sometimes you get stuch behind an HC truck going really s.l.o.w.

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So many dogs around this mountain.  Big boxer!

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At the base of A-Basin.

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At the top of the mountain about to snowboard down the back bowl.

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The clouds + sky looked pretty crazy.  My point n’ shoot is now over 4yrs old and has seen better days.  The photo quality has definitely degraded, but I kind of like it!

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The snowboarder, now skier + traitor, hehe. 

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I was feeling a bit out of it today.  Might be coming down with something, but hoping to fight it off!

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Heading back to the car, there was such a great view. 

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With the sun still barely poking through.

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And here is Chris starring in a ski video.  We’ll call it…

“not as planned”

Hilarious and totally not typical for Chris, so I kind of love that I got it on video. muahahaa 

The drive home didn’t take quite as long, and I may have dozed off a few times.  I had a plan of what I wanted to make for dinner, so we stopped by Whole Foods on the way back for a few things.

When we got home, we walked in to quite the stinky mess from the dog[s].  Exhausted, we spent the next 1.5hrs cleaning floors, cleaning dogs, and trying not to throw up.  I was ready to throw in the towel on dinner, as it was already 8:30pm.  However, I thought maybe it would relax me and it did just that.

I’m so glad I decided to make this meal.  Recently, I finished the book A Homemade Life, by Molly Wizenburg [author of the blog Orangette].  The book was fabulous.  I’ll give a quick recap of my thoughts soon, but I definitely loved it!  The recipe that I just had to make first, was for Chana Masala.  I’ve never tried making this before, as ethnic cooking can be quite intimidating, however Molly made it sound pretty simple. 

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It took less than an hour and was actually very simple, but took a little patience.  There are a few steps where you just have to stir + wait, stir + wait.  I don’t mind though.  Like I said, it was actually really relaxing.

I followed the recipe exactly, even using a few new-to-my-kitchen-ingredients, like cardamom pods + garam masala.  This smelled completely amazing while it was cooking.

Such robust flavors, with quite the spice.  I’m glad I swirled in a little whole milk yogurt to help cool things down, as suggested by Molly.  I actually boiled the garbanzo beans too.  I threw 2c raw beans in a bowl with water into the fridge before bed last night to soften them up and then started boiling them as soon as we got home.

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We both thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

Chris spotted an article that he thought you might find interesting.  I definitely did!!  I’m so fascinated + baffled by research like this.  Scraping plaque off teeth, that are over 40,000 years old, to study the types of food consumed + how they were prepared just seems down right impossible.

Neanderthals may have feasted on meat and two veg diet