2-way blur

The morning started out in a blur. 

1. It was 5:30am when the alarm went off.

2. I was using our little pocket video camera to take photos. 



It’s weird to have a cloudy day in Colorado!


Sippin’ on some morning coffee. 


Eating delicious blurry overnight oats + peanut butter.  I always forget how tasty overnight oats are, even on a chilly morning.


We headed to Keystone again and met up with a few of our friends.  The temps were in the 30’s at the mountain, which was quite nice!  With all of the layers and lots of leg work coming down the mountain, I definitely stayed warm!


It takes us just over 2hrs to get to the ski resorts from Ft. Collins.  Not bad, but definitely not close!


Gorgeous views, even through a gross windshield and unimpressive camera. :)



Breckenridge ski resort is off in the distance.  You can see all of the ski runs!


Kurtz + Ann joined us today


Along with Kyle [left] and the huz [right].


I’m completely exhausted after an extremely fun day.  The words are not flowing out of my brain as they usually do!  However, I still wanted to show you a snippet of my day.


Ann + me :)


Check back tomorrow afternoon for another post [on photography!], when my brain + body are once again functioning normally.

We were on the mountain for a solid 4hrs of non-stop boarding + skiing [in the husband’s case].  I absolutely LOVE snowboarding.  I also love that Chris does all of the driving.  I am luckEE!!!

We pack lunch + breakfast typically, to save money + time.  Typical car lunch would be the blurry spread below. 

Along with a latte… :)


My stomach has been a bottomless pit today!!  Just polished off a delicious bowl of chocolate graham crackers mashed up in almond milk.  An old favorite of my dad’s…honey graham crackers + milk. 

I am currently contemplating breakfast…vanilla or chocolate???  And soon heading to bed…

<3 Ashley