50 words or less

Can you imagine a post from ME in <50 words!?

Pumpkin oats back in my life!


Tea time.


Rishi Japanese Green Sencha LOVE it <3


Lunch: SF Oikos Plain + pumpkin + nuts + cinnamon


Leftover soup + salad


lettuce + cucumber + red pepper + pepitas + homemade dressing


Ann + Kurtz had us over for pizza + wine night :)



Ann is the salad making queen!




Everyone is a fan of the Whole Foods dough.


Stuffed face.  <3 him!


Cutest cake ever from WF.




Kurtz + Dakota have similar sleeping patterns…you never know where or when they’re going to pass out. 



<3 Ashley <3 

ok ok…at least it was under 100!!! ;)            

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