the kitchen is closed

The blogger meetup was a HUGE success and just  It was honestly such a great group of girls.  There were 3 food bloggers, 1 life blogger, 2 food lovers, and one of my bestest Laura [also a foodie + an amazing photographer].  I have a lot of photos to post + recipes but my eyes are about 1/2 open at the current time of 2:56am.  Tomorrow I am staying in bed until I just can’t sleep for one more minute!  Chris + I have a fun FOOD filled day.  I’m doing breakfast + lunch and he’s on dinner. 

A few photos…more tomorrow!

Lovely ladies. 

Heather, Laura, Lauren, Katie, Emily, Beth [Kathleen had already left]


I mean what did you expect?  Healthy. Delicious. Fabulous.  LOved what everyone brought.




I cleaned and now that is why it’s so late.


I better stop before I start talking nonsense…..

But…1 more thing…What’s for breakfast tomorrow!??  Angela’s Peanut Butter Coconut Swirl Pancakes….can’t wait!  Chris loooves peanut butter which is why I chose them. 



<3 happpppy valentines daaaaay <3  and happy 7yrs together with my hubby day :)