more fat please!

Earth to Ashley – installment TWO

1] If you’re FINALLY going to remember to bring your spoon in the car, DON’T forget your overnight oats in the fridge.

FAIL!!!  I took this sad photo when I got home [from the mountains] and totally missed eating this amazing concoction this AM.

3 bites were taken for a snack however and now they wait for the morning :)

Overnight Pumpkin Oats:

  • 1/3c oats
  • 1/3c pumpkin
  • 1/3c plain SF greek yogo
  • 1/3c unswt. vanilla almond milk
  • 1 small bananer
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • few shakes of nutmeg + ginger
  • vanilla extract splash



Good thing I come prepared with a million road/mountain snacks!

Graham cracker pnut butter samich!! I packed these for Chris, so I only had one bite…but boy was it delicious. 

[Justin’s chocolate pnut butter]


Then, I had the BEST Amazing Grass bar YET.  Holymoly.


The nutrition facts and ingredient list are impressive.  Although the ingredient list is long it is all recognizable real food.  They also use non-GMO soy lecithin, which is not always the case with organics!  There is quite a difference.  The only thing I’m on the fence about is that they use “whey protein,” which is highly processed and in practically ALL protein bars and drink mixes.  I would much rather it be hemp or rice protein…much more natural.  However, since I steer clear of whey protein in my typical routine, once in awhile won’t kill me ;)

GREEEEEEEEEEN.  I love green food.  This was hands down my favorite AG bar.  mmmmm


I also ate the mix-ins for my overnight oats.  They were pre-packed in my car food bag the night before.  [cereal + coconut]

These were my mountain snacks:  Larabar –pnut butter + jelly along with ~1/3c almonds


Ready to goooooo.  We got there at just before 8am, with about a 1.5hr drive.  The mountains finallllly got a few small storms.  If you don’t live in CO and don’t keep up with our weather [why would you??] then you wouldn’t know this “el nino” year is totally messing with the weather systems here.  We were extremely excited to finally have some decent powdery snow.


Curious about this next photo?  Once we got to the top of the mountain, you can pay $5 to go a little further by riding in this snow cat!  Crazy.  After departing from this snow machine we had a 1.25m walk…sound easy?


This is what we were staring into.  There was only 1 set of tracks in front of us, which means, with each step you’re sinking 1-2’ and having to pull your foot out for the next step…while in big boots….while carrying a large board…while at around 12,000’.  Helllloooooo altitude and oxygen deprivation!  The hike took about 30-45 minutes with about 5 stops to catch our breath.


Chris + Hovan.  We were following those markers you see going off into the distance behind them.  It was all going to be worth it once we reached our destination!!  I practiced my deep yoga breathing to make it through the tiring hike.


This is where we came from… and that is the snow cat that we rode up in. 


A skier hiking behind us.


Gotta stay hydrated!!  We stopped to eat fresh clean snow multiple times :)


nom.nom.nom.  Chilly but refreshing.


Once we reached the end of our hike, the clouds started to break and the sun came out.  It was gorgeous!!  Then, we got to take some amazing powdery turns through the snow.


If you don’t ski or board, going through fresh powder literally feels like you are floating.  It is one of the most amazing experiences ever.


I realized today that I make a lot of noise when I snowboard….like when floating through powder I get excited and make “yaaaaaaaaaaa” or “wooohooo” noises.  When I’m about to fall or am going to fast it turns into “whoaaaaa” or “ahhhhhhhhhh” and then I crash, which happens often.  I am careful through the trees + always have my noggin protection on though! 


There was a CRAZY amount of traffic on the way home.  It took us almost 3hrs.  LONG and exhausting day.  We were famished when we got home and tried to do a little “eat down the fridge” action. 


  • steamed asparagus + broccoli
  • a huge mug of the Super Strengthening Stew I made last night
  • and half of a black bean burger [from the other day] topped with 1/3 of an avocado + salsa


I REALLY wanted more black bean burg + avocado but we were all out.  The avocado was perfectly ripe and was just what my body needed….more FAT…but the good fats of course!!  I definitely felt more balanced today.  My body let me know what it was craving..and I listened :)


However….1hr later I’m hungry again, how can this be!!!??? I’m pretty sure it was from all the activity today.  I wonder how many calories all of that boarding + hiking would be fun to find out!


hmmm….what to eat for a snack????

Time to relax…I’m completely exhausted, but in a good way :)


p.s. Look what Heather gave me!  The sunshine award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.  Thanks girl!!!

I decided to pass this along to just one blogger.  Michal from Earth Muffin. There are so so many of you that this award applies to though!!  I just found her blog the other day and was completely inspired by this young girl’s journey.  I cannot believe all that she has gone through by the age of 17.  I am impressed by her determination to find a healthy balance in life.  Keep at it girl!