Alert the press:  I did not eat oats in the AM!!! Say whaaaaaaaaaa?  After my amazing egg samich last night I was craaaving one in the morning.  I was also craving using my new whole wheat tortillas that I picked up on Wednesday.  They are locally made and were about $2.50 for 10.  The ingredient list was superb and organic.  They were perfect :)

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I made my eggs like last night.  The pour, poke + spread method we’ll call it!  With a little grated swiss, s+p, this was just what my belly wanted. 

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And on the side 1 serving of cornbread with a maple syrup drizzle, all warmed up.  I bought 4 Kombucha drinks the other day too because they were on major sale.  I have tried these numerous times in the past and just haven’t liked them too much.  For whatever reason I keep trying, even though they are $$$.  Their packaging is part of what gets me [design nerd] and the fact that it is packed with healthy benefits.  I had to let the fizz of this one die down a bit and then I actually liked it! 

At first I thought it was too gingery but then it really grew on me.  It’s also nice to have something other than water that is not loaded with calories + sugar.  This whole bottle only has 4g sugar [and it’s not added sugar].  So did I have magical powers after drinking this?  Well, no, but it did wake me up with a non-jittery caffeine high.  I didn’t eat my typical breakfast so I can’t truly tell but I will say that I wasn’t hungry for a good 3.5-4yrs after this breakfast. 

Typically my bowls of oats are somewhere around 350-450 calories and I’m usually hungry 2hrs later, 3 if I’m lucky.  I have tried increasing the amount of oats from 1/3c to 1/2c and it doesn’t help.  This breakfast was right at about 450cals + the kombucha.  This study proves inconclusive :)  I’ll have to try one when I eat my normal bowl of oats.

I forgot to mention the quinoa corn bread is gluten free and is about 120 cals per slice, 3g fiber, 3-4g protein [depends on milk] and no added sugar.  A lot of people commented saying they were interested but wanted to add things like jalapenos.  Definitely a great idea!  This is a basic cornbread that would do well with many different mix-ins.

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After my run + whittle my middle, it was lunchtime!!  First on the list was another purple bubble smoothie but a little different than yesterday.

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Purple Bubble Smoothie TWO

  • 1c ice
  • 1c spinach
  • 1/2 large orange
  • 1/2c plain Oikos
  • 3/4c blueberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 pack mixed berry rice protein
  • water or milk as needed to thin out


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Other part of lunch: Quinoa + leftover super strengthening stew + 1/3 avocado 


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Dinner was laaaaaaate but pretty tasty.  I made the black bean chili I wanted to make last night to eat along with the cornbread.  It turned out okay but I wouldn’t use the recipe again, so I’m not going to pass it along. 

Chili + cornbread + plain oikos dollop + salad

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I froze 2 servings of this and will definitely eat it…but it’s just not one I will make again. 

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I got a ton of things done today, including trying leash train our fools a little better.  Kenna is WILD :)  From now on I’m going to exhaust her in the backyard throwing the tennis ball and THEN try to teach her how to properly walk.  Dakota is much better but terrible when passing other dogs.

I think we’re going snowboarding tomorrow, but I’m not sure, so I need to get my buttski to bed…I’m EXhausted right now [literally was non-stop today] and my brain feels like it’s not working too well…I have a lot of great topics I want to discuss next week.  I thought I would save getting into one of them for when my mind is fresh :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous friday!! Any good weekend plans?  My sis-in-laws bday is Saturday, so we’ll be doing a few things for that..but nothing crazy planned!