Chris’s friend is in town from Charlotte and staying with us.  The plan was to go snowboarding today at Keystone.  We wanted to get there for first chair which is at 8:30am and the drive is about 1hr 15min.  BOTH alarms were set because I was getting up earlier than Chris.  Mine was set for 6:10am.  Somehow, we both turned our alarms off and I shot out of bed at 7:15.  This never happens!  I was majorly lacking in the sleep department and once in a while I will shut off my alarm without knowing.  I would say it’s happened 10 times, ever.

Wooooops.  It probably ended up being for the better though.  We both needed the extra hour of sleep but we felt bad with our friend visiting.  It’s always exciting, especially for out of towners, to get first chair up in the morning.

Anywho…the morning was rushed!  I didn’t pack snacks the night before and planned enough time to do it in the AM.  I still got it all done but in super speed mode!

3 waters + fruit + pb/j’s for the boys + overnight morning muesli + crazy pb coconut chocolate samich for me + bars + trail mix

[p.s. terrible morning hurrrrried photos]


Remember yesterday I had the toast with pnut butter + cacao bliss + coconut.  Best thing ever?  Nope…this was!  Add some banana and it’s pretty much perfection.  Don’t forget, pnut butter on both sides!  I melted about 2tsp of the cacao bliss and spread on the pnut butter. 


This was going to be consumed mid-day.  It was from the samples AG sent me last week.  I was really excited to try it out!


Now, we need to talk for a minute.  I’ve made overnight oats before…and they’ve been good, but these, something was different…in an AHmazing kind of way.  I think I know the answer!

Well first off, they weren’t soaked overnight [that’s not part of the answer though].  I used Bob’s Red Mill Muesli [so good!] and it says you can soak for 5-10min the morning of.  Perfect for RUSH of a morning!

Cinnamon Morning Muesli

  • 1/3c muesli
  • ~2T rolled oats
  • 1T chia seeds
  • 1, 4oz container Plain SF Oikos
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • 2/3c hemp milk

I think the KEY ingredients were the GREEK yogurt [so much thicker!] and the ch ch ch chia seeds.  You can tell but the spoon was sticking up.  They were so thick + creamy.  OMG I want more now!

point n’ shoot tiiiiiiiiiime


Mix ins: cranberries + walnuts + nature’s path cereal


The muesli is awesome and already has some nuts + fruit mixed in.  LOVE it + LOVE bob’s red mill.


These pictures are torturing me right now!!!  I scraped the bowl clean.


You can’t tell but it was actually snowing.  The snow was really nice today and I got an awesome workout!  I was focused today, sometimes I’m not as much, so I took advantage and worked on my speed + carving.  AWESOME day.


WHAT is wrong with my point n’ shoot!?  I mean I know it sucks…but not this bad.


A tad better…The lens was covered with snow, oopsies ;)

Look at that GREEN!!  This bar was really good.  The hard chocolate shell was yummy and the texture of the bar was great.  I like the grassy/earthy flavor and it was full of nuts + fruit.  YUM. 


A snippet from Amazing Grass’s site about the bars:

Our bars are loaded with 2/3 of a serving of our Amazing Grass Green SuperFood drink powder. Our blend is a unique and potent combination of nature’s most nourishing, cleansing and rebuilding green superfoods and enhanced with digestive enzymes and active probiotics to improve nutrient absorption. The blend combines nutrient dense green food concentrates with superfruits like Acai, the powerful purple berry from the Amazon Rainforest, high in antioxidants, protein and healthy omegas. We also add maca, the amazing adaptagenic root grown at high altitudes in Peru that is known to provide sustained energy, boost the immune system and support vitality and mental clarity.


Chris + Matt


A way too sweet chai latte from the coffee shop at the base of the mountain.  I drank most of it because I was super cold…but it was so not worth it!


Okay…so…hello perfection #2 today!  Perfect amount of PB + banana + the Cacao Bliss turned into a hard shell that was amazing [from being cold in the car].  Aaaaaaah so so so good…I think I made weird noises while I ate it :)


I’m BEAT from boarding and when we got home thought it would be a good idea to do a run in the Vibrams.  I was full of energy somehow.  I went 2.75m and it felt great + .25m walk.  My quads were super tired though…and then I Whittled My Middle.  Chris was like “did you just do the ab workout TOO???”  hahaha…my nap in the car on the way home helped!  I told him I had to take full advantage of all the energy I had.

Taco night!

Easy seasoning mix with cumin + red pepper flakes + chili powder + garlic + salt + pepper + oregano + garlic powder…nothing crazy!  Also added 1 small onion with the meat [local buffalo] and 1/2 can of Muir Glenn’s Fire Roasted tomatoes with green chilies.  mmmm


Classy paper towel napkins.


Ohhh yaaaah.  Had a new sour cream tonight…Nancy’s organic.  It was the best I’ve ever had! 

Toppings were:

  • avocado
  • salsa
  • jalapenos
  • sharp cheddar
  • sour cream
  • refried black beans [so good]
  • Food Should Taste Good lime chips

LOVE these FSTG Lime chips…love all of their chips really.


My plate.  NOM!

  • 1 burrito with meat, 1 salad meatless, both with all of the toppings except the jalapenos.

The avocado was perfection.


My new fav. beer [local of course]




I’ll reply to the awesome Vibram comments tomorrow.  I had a few good questions/comments I want to address!  Off to start researching a top secret project I’m working on tomorrow.  Full disclosure Saturday.  The boys are headed to Vail…so it’s just me + the pups tomorrow. 

Night all :)