sneak peak!

Full disclosure of today’s [friday] kitchen excitement will be seen on Sunday.  Along with answering Vibram questions!  Today was non-stop but so much fun!

So, my top secret project I had going on today was….baking a cake for Laura’s surprise bday dinner, that her awesome husband planned.  He asked me to make a cake and said to get creative.  I love a challenge :)  And aaaaanything for my Laura!

I had to fuel my morning, so I brought hot oats back into my life and it felt hehe.  I only think it had been 3 or 4 days  since my last bowl but it felt like forever ;)

the mix: oats + vanilla hempmilk [LOVE] + water + egg whites + cinnamon + chia seeds

the toppings: bob’s red mill coconut granola [they just sent this to me and i’m in love with it already] + fresh ground pb + jelly + coconut



I hadn’t baked in awhile so I was really excited!  I tried to think of flavor combinations all morning before I went out to the store.  Here are some of the ingredients.  I’ll give the full run-down with recipes and flavors on Sunday ;)


I will tell you that it was a FOUR layer cake with 2 different flavors and a unique buttercream frosting!  I have the best buttercream frosting recipe, so stay tuned for that!

Just for Laura, I decided I shouldn’t be scared of my stand mixer anymore.  It twas’ amazing!!!  I loved that my arm didn’t fall off from creaming butter + sugar for 5min.


A girl’s gotta eat…LUNCH!

  • apple + almond butter
  • Stonyfield Chocolate Oikos [reallllly good, not too sweet]
  • Sunshine gardenburg with a little cheese + ketchup


Then I baked cake #2 and got going on the frosting.  I popped the frosting in the fridge and went on a run!  I did another successful 2.75m in the Vibrams and it felt great.  Pretty excited that my feet aren’t hurting!

Shower ---> Decorate

omg. what happened? 


No, Kenna did not eat my cake like she ate the a$$ out of my jeans.  I actually meant to do this! 

Sneak peak!


frosting bowls


my homegirl :)


Laura’s husberand and our good friend, Travis!  He put candles ALL over the cake…literally! 



Happpppy Birthdaaaay to one of my bestest!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

I clearly am falling asleep in this photo…which was about 2hrs ago….GO TO BED!!!!


Niiiite!! Off to the mountain [most likely] in the morning with the boyz.  [I used a “z” because they’re pretty hardcore]