homemakin’ it

Back in the kitchen today crankin’ out some gluten free, soy free, dairy free goodness!

But first…oats, obviously.  I made more Irish steel cut.  Oh.So.Good.  I love the slightly crunchy texture.  It may seem a pain in the butt that these take 30min to cook but I always find a lot to do while they’re cooking….responding to emails, cleaning the kitchen, etc.  And then *poof* they’re done!

Just realized you can see me in the spoooon..bahahaa

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Steel Cut Goodness

  • 1/4c Irish steel cut oats [that is the standard serving size, compared to the 1/3c for oats…they are a bit more calorie dense + filling, so you don’t need as much]
  • 1.25c water

Mixed in:  1 smallish banana + vanilla + cinnamon

Topped with:Granola #1, Justin’s chocolate pnut butter, Artisana coconut butter

Chocolate pnut butter is good, don’t get me wrong…but I missed my plain pnut butter! 

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Quinoa party time! [keen-wah]

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This was a very risky move, as you DO NOT want quinoa to spill all over the floor.  Nightmare!

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A fine mesh strainer is the EASIest way to rinse quinoa, and you always want to rinse your quinoa to get rid of the bitter coating.  I use this strainer almost every day..whether it’s rinsing grains or beans, etc.  SO handy and about $10.

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Any ideas??

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Hiiiiii there!  While I was cooking, I had the OSU bball game going on the laptop…GO BUCKS!

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I get crazy when left alone in the kitchen..usually involving music + dancing + lots of munching :)

Our lovely mulched yard..haha.  It may be pretty nasty looking but it’s perfect for the doggles!  The 8” of snow is almost melted about 30hrs later!  It was in the 60’s today and gorgeous.

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This was NOT part of the coconut milk/cinnamon mixture!  Do not worry.  I popped some popcorn for a gluten free snack mix I’ll be making tomorrow.

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So yes, I cooked quinoa with coconut milk + water + cinnamon sticks.  I could have stopped there, but where’s the fun in that??  This however, was insanely delicious and could have been a great breakfast with a little bananer + pnut butter. 

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Quiona Project ONE:GF Quiona Cereal

Mixed up with:  flax meal : chia seeds : hemp seeds : almonds : walnuts

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Baked the mixture at 350* for about 1hr mixing every 10min until crunchy + browned.  I can’t wait to put this in yogurt!  I made up this recipe + will dish out the recipe on tomorrow’s post.

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I reused my Custom Choice GF Cereal bag for my new homemade cereal.  It’s a really sturdy bag that is re-sealable and I have no plans on ditching it!  Perfect granola/cereal holder!

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Quiona Project TWO:Crackers!

Crackers are much easier to make than you’d think!  I made quiona flour by grinding up quiona seeds.  The only annoying part of the process was rinsing the quiona and waiting for it to dry.  I put the oven on about 250* and kept it in there for awhile, stirring frequently, as I was doing other things in the kitch.  You can buy quiona flour, but I didn’t have it on hand…and it is literally ground up quiona…so, no point really!

Dry ingredients mixed with the oil.

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Water added in to make a soft, workable dough.

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Cracker dough getting rolled out.  At first I was annoyed it was cracking but it really didn’t matter.  Who needs a bunch of perfect crackers?  Not I!

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Roughly 1” square-ish

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Major brain lapse as I was making these.  I had every intention of making gluten free crackers, but I was sort of following a recipe and just dumped in 1c of whole wheat flour along with the 1c of quiona flour.  Um, hellooooo…not gluten free.  Ugh.  I’m sure a brown rice flour or something similar would work.  Any GF’s know which flour would be the best substitute?

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These really reminded me of Mary’s Crackers, except those really are gluten free ;)  This recipe started from one I found on the Bob’s Red Mill website but got adapted quite a bit.  There are seriously a SLEW of amazing sounding recipes on that site and I just started looking TOday!

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They were crunchy + hearty and fULL of flavor.  I really liked them and would be amazing on top of a salad or dipped in hummus…ohhh yummmmm

I LOVE making things at home that people usually think only come out of a big industrial machine :) 

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LOVED this flavor.  Must buy more while it’s on sale!!  It was slightly sweet, slightly gingery, a little lemon flavor, perfect fizz factor and just delicious.

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Dried chickpeas that were awaiting a nice long soak/boil in water for tomorrow night’s dinner.  I think I’m going to get away from canned beans and use dried, as much as possible.  They are super cheap cheap cheap + this way I can boil them with Kombu which will help in the bloat/gas department!!!  I soaked extra so I can make hummus!!! muahahaa

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Off to the rock gym!  We bouldered today for a hard 45min.  Our forearms were SO tight at the end…I couldn’t even make a fist!  I’m sure we’re using our arms too much…we’re definitely just beginners and have a ton to learn.  Oh and I am in MAJOR need of a haircut.  What is the longest you’ve gone without cutting your hair??  I usually only get mine cut 3 times per year but I think this is the longest lapse ever.  I haven’t gotten it cut since right before we moved in early SEPTEMBER!!!  My hair is really dry and cracked from this CO climate.  I try not to wash + dry it every single day.  It’s in pretty good shape for how long it’s been but definitely needs some trimming + shaping.  I always hate going to new hair places!

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After climbing, I met up with Laura at Caribou.  We hadn’t seen each other in WAY too long.  SO nice to catch up.  Laura always makes me feel better about my indecisiveness about what the heck I want to do with my life.  She is super helpful and pushes me to put myself out there more and go for the things I really want.  L.O.V.E. her.

I sipped on green citron tea..yummy

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I sent Laura home with tonsss of goodies!! Graham crackers + granola #1 + crackers from today + quinoa cereal


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Recipes comin’ tomorrow along with a GF snack mix that may or may not turn out!  We’ll seeeee :)  Also still hoping to figure out the nutrition facts for last week’s granola.  Hope you all had a good weekend?  Anything fun to share?

Off to bed for this girl.

Ashley <3