no stress in my feet!

Good news!!  I went to the podiatrist today [finally] and I don’t have a stress fracture in either of my feet! I was so happy to hear that.  He thinks I just strained the area that was hurting.  My feet have been feeling about 90% better lately but I’m still not going to run for at least a few more weeks.  I’m really enjoying my new routine of biking, swimming, and lifting more. 

I am still sick though.  Boo to that.  But it could always be so much worse!

My appetite was all over the place today.  I’ve been really snacky…including

  • graham crackers
  • dark chocolate chunks
  • spoonfuls of cottage cheese
  • spelt bread

and a few other things I can’t think of…

Here were my bigger meals for the day…

Oaterific Oats:

  • 1/3c rolled oats
  • 2/3c plain hemp milk, 1/3c water
  • 1 medium banana, thin sliced
  • vanilla,
  • cinnamon
  • topped with: 1T unswt. coconut flakes, 2T granola, small spoon of Heather’s jam, and 1T pnut butter

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Tea Forte’s green citrus loose leaf tea – very tasty!

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snacking ensued…

Main lunch:

A HUGE pillowy purple monster! [~20oz]

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In the mix:

  • handful of ice
  • 2c spinach
  • 8 frozen cherries
  • a few frozen strawberries 
  • ~3/4c blueberries
  • 1c plain hemp milk
  • 1 scoop original Amazing Grass SuperFood
  • 1T coconut butter
  • 1/4 avocado
  • ~2T almonds

Topped with:  Quinoa Crunch Granola

I rate this 7.5/10 The texture/consistency was thick + perfect but the flavor was slightly bland.  I think 1/2 banana would have helped.

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Nothing too new and exciting going on around here.  A lot of sitting on the couch + resting!  My body kind of feels out of whack.  I could really use a few 30min yoga sessions but my head is not ready to be bending over and whatnot.  Hopefully soon.

Getting a little tired of tea, so I thought I’d make some hot cocoa.  I ended up drinking about half.

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water + 2t unswt fair trade organic cocoa + 2t sucanat + vegetarian marshmallows

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Chris picked me up potato + leek soup from Whole Foods, that actually came fresh from a soup shop in Boulder [can’t think of the name]  It was really tasty but has left me SO thirsty!!  The sodium content wasn’t too awful but still high.  I think that combined with being sick is making it worse.  Yikes!  He also picked up a fresh ciabatta roll…LOVE the texture of ciabatta.

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Insert more snacking.


In other boring crazy + exciting news, I got my “products I dig” page up.  I’ll be updating it every so often with new things I have tested + approved :)  Let me know if you have questions about anything on there! 

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had a TERRible headache, due to my cold thing I have going on.  I didn’t want to take advil [try to limit it] so I was hoping it would just go away.  Well around 3pm, about 10-20min after I drank that huge purple shake, it completely went away.  I can’t say for sure if that was the reason it went away, but it does usually pick up my energy level on a normal day…so who knows!!

Any good weekend plans??

I think I’m going to try making coconut ice cream at some point soon.  Also homemade cacao bliss [that I found on Ohh May’s blog] will be on the menu soon as well, as my jar is almost empty!

Happpy Fridaaaaay