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It was really hard to crawl out of bed this AM.  I was beet from a full day on my feet at Whole Foods.  I wanted something other than oats this AM…shocker!!  I ate one of my Hemp bagels that I posted about awhile ago

Helllooooo 13g of fiber + 18g of protein…ahhhmazing!! 

Ingredient list:

Filtered water, organic wheat flour, organic vital wheat gluten, organic whole wheat flour, hempseed flour, organic flax meal, organic poppy seeds, dates, organic oat fiber, organic pumpkin seeds, organic millet, contains less than 2% of the following: hemp seeds, organic cracked wheat, organic sprouted Kamut® Khorasan wheat berries, organic sprouted spelt berries (wheat), organic sunflower seeds, sea salt, organic sprouted barley, organic sesame seeds, organic sprouted amaranth berries, organic sprouted quinoa. [source]

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Toasted + delicious.  I love all of the seeds.  I think the texture of these is great and it has a very nutty flavor to it.  Definitely love these, but they are probably not for everyone ;)

Topped with:  pnut butter + heather’s jam and pnut butter + Artisana cacao bliss  - Melted pnut butter on a bagel is one of the best things ever!

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I took this Boomi Bar with me today for a work snack.  I ate it around 12:30 and completely LOVED it.  Texture heaven.  It was gooey from the dates but had amazing crunchy from puffed rice and amaranth.  Wowza.  The flavor was deelicious as well.

Awesome ingredient list:

Dates, Walnuts, Raisins, Honey, Crisp Rice, Amaranth, Salt [source]

They have a lot of flavors…I may have had one of these before but can’t remember.  I definitely want to find the Maple Pecan.  That sounds sinful!

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For a late lunch [~3pm] I perused the lovely buffets at Whole Foods.  The store I work at is GInormous.  There is a whole Indian buffet as well as a huuge salad bar, and about 3 other buffets filled with a million different things. 

On today’s plate: 

  • 1 small scoop of rice pudding – insanely delicious
  • Asian cabbage salad with black sesame seeds and a light dressing – MUST make this at home

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  • small scoop of veggie fried rice
  • equally small scoop of Israeli couscous with squash + asparagus

Both are fabulous.  I can’t get over the awesome texture of Israeli couscous.

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  • side salad with: romaine + kale + peppers + tamari roasted pepitas + few raisins + chickpeas + egg +cucumber

Dressing:  balsamic vinegar + apple cider vinegar + lemon juice + olive oil

A huge plus of working at WF is the amazing fresh + healthy food selections.  I’m definitely loving it but should probably start packing my lunch to save money…we’ll see ;)

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Another plus?  Shopping after your shift..I mean you’re already at the store, so why not?

I steamed abunch of brussel sprouts for dinner along with 1 beet and a little side of whole wheat pasta with nutritional yeast cheesy sauce.  The b. sprouts were a little bitter.  Probably out of season…oops.  All in all, quite yummy.  I didn’t eat dinner until late [9pm]..my 3pm lunch held me over!  Or maybe it was the cake they had in the break room…hehe..Can I just say that WF’s carrot cake is insanely delicious.  I tried a tiny piece [~3 bites worth] along with a piece of white berry cake.  Both also had amazing frostings…and I’m usually not the biggest fan of frosting.

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Champagne mangos were on sale!  Yessssssss

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Like little ducks…

I’m in luuuuurve with these!  If you missed my first review, they taste like your typical mango but I like the texture of these much better.  They are a bit sweeter, and have a buttery texture without the stringiness found in regular mangos.  They can be a pain to cut though!

Check out this tutorial on how to cut one of these cute fruits!  Su-weet!  Ripening guide?  Here you go!

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Spices were on sale!  They were at least a dollar off a piece.  I couldn’t pass these up!  The three on the left I have been buying when I need them in the bulk spice area.  I thought it was finally thyme [ha ha ha] to invest in full sized jars!  And well..the garlic pepper [garlic, pepper, parsley, salt, 1-2 other things] just sounded awesome.  I love our garlic salt mix and I thought this might be a fun alternative.

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I am realllly excited for tomorrow’s breakfast.  I am trying out Vegan Overnight Oats that I saw Angela talking about the other day.  I made mine with coconut milk and cannot wait to top them in the AM!  They are looking thick + delicious as of right now :)         

I work again tomorrow but not until 3:30.  I’m hoping to go for a swim and who knows what else.  I need to also find some time to update my recipe page + FAQ’s.  I also seriously want to write my post on protein powders…gaaah!!  After tomorrow, I don’t work again until Saturday, so I definitely want to get that written this week. 

After all that champagne mango talk…I think I’m headed to the kitchen!

Hope you all have a great Monday!