Hi hi hi!!  I’ve gotten behind on some blog related things lately but got my Recipes page all updated today!  Yay for progress :)

I’ll update you as I continue with 1 – More FAQ’s answered 2 – A “top posts” page with the posts that readers seem to ask about or search for the most 3 – Information for another Colorado Blogger Meet-Up

Stay tuned!

I definitely dipped into the Roasted Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter jar more than once today.  Okay….around than 5 times today. 

Dip #1 was the largest and it landed ever so perfectly onto my super creamy oatmeal.  I used my perfected oatmeal recipe.   

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amazing creamy oats + crumbly soft 1/2 blueberry vegan muffin + amazing nut butter goo

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I splashed a little almond milk to the side, love that addition!!  The almond butter has a great consistency and spread well over the hot oats.  Peanut butter has a meltier effect which I definitely love, but the flavor + slightly thicker consistency of this was beyond delicious.  This bowl was packed with cinnamon!!  I licked it clean.  No joke.

Try it.  I dare you.  [sorry peanut butter…there is a new love in my life]  Love the little swirl on top…unintentional!

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Whoa.  A lot happened in between oats + this kiwi!!  I got some computer work done and went to a few stores with Chris to prepare for my latest adventure in biking!!!  We ate lunch at a delicious pizzeria called Proto’s.  I got the tomato pie, which is a cheese-less pizza.  I didn’t miss it at all!  There was SO much flavor that I think the cheese would have masked.  I was really in the mood for something fresh and this was sure it.  Their crust is thin and wood-fired.  I could have eaten 2 of the smalls….their small is really small!  Oops, no camera…

So far I have consumed 8 of the vegan blueberry muffins all by myself.  So proud :)  Maybe I should figure out the nutritional info on those, hehe.  Half of one went down with this kiwi.  Along with some almond butter!!

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Helmet + bike shorts, CHECK!  Yes, I walk around in public with my goofy VFF’s!!  The band on my shirt is Umphrey’s McGee.  Does anyone listen to them?  They’re definitely in my top 10 favs if not top 5. 

I was excited to find a pink helmet, hehehe :)

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Chris had a jersey that was small on him but a little big on me.  It will do for now, they are quite pricey!!  I’ll be looking for deals on REI Outlet and Sierra Trading Post.  More info on my new-to-me bike coming soon!  I already ordered 1 sleeveless jersey that cost $15 from $75!!!

I will tell you that I haven’t ridden on a bike in at least 5-10yrs and I’ve never ridden on a road bike!

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Chris has been riding for a long time and gave me a little 101 on how to shift gears and whatnot.  I was pretty freaked out, not gonna lie.  We rode up to Wash Park and did 4 laps before coming home.  It was GREAT.  I loved it but definitely have a ton to learn.  We completed a total of 10 miles in 35min.  Not bad for my first time out.  SO glad I got the padded shorts and padded gloves.  My hands were having the hardest time adjusting to the pressure on the handlebars.  Takes time I suppose!

I rehydrated with this tasty beverage when I got home.  O.N.E. sent me a nice box of samples a few months back, and I forgot about them in the fridge!  I loved this mango flavor for not being the biggest coconut water fan.  I did Whittle My Middle II and some arm lifting at the house, after I chugged this down. 

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Dinner consisted of roasted veggies…mmmmm

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Low + Slow Sweet Tater cubes with roasted b.sprouts, garlic, onion, and zucc squash.  All tossed with olive oil and the green veggies were tossed with s+p as well.

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I also made kale chips and threw about 1/2c of cooked lentils on top of the veggies for a protein + fiber kick!  Plus, they are delicious.  I topped the veggies with a huge glob of tomato paste, a new topping love.  Well, I obviously topped the sweet taters with ground cinnamon, sea salt, and the roasted nut butter.  O.M.G. [although it doesn’t look insanely appealing here…it was!!]

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So far this almond butter has been tested and approved on:

  1. Dr.Kracker – 3 Seed
  2. Pear
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Sweet Potatoes
  5. Off a spoon
  6. Blueberry muffin
  7. Banana samich on sourdough

Favorite way to eat it so far?  Oatmeal with sweet potatoes coming in a close 2nd.  I promise I’ll stop talking about the almond butter at some point soon ;)

I wanted to pass this along…

Check out this site called Vital Juice – Info on nutrition, health, beauty and wellness.  There are tons of helpful articles on this site.  I love the clean layout and can’t wait to spend more time looking through it.  I was contacted by someone that works for the site who is trying to promote it.  She asked me to check it out and pass the site along to my readers if I liked it.  I definitely think it’s worth looking at more.  Example article – A Lazy Girl’s Shampoo

Off to catch some zzzz’s