ending on breakfast

I’m out of coffee.  I drink 1 cup [really- only 8oz] almost everyday.  I would say it averages to 5 days a week.  Sometimes I want more but it’s never a good idea.  I get shaky from caffeine, easily!  I buy my coffee in the 1LB pound bags and always buy fair trade + organic. 

So what does an “out of coffee grounds in the morning” girl do?  Walk 3 blocks to the local coffee shop.  I would frequent it more often, but you know, trying to save when I can.  How do I take my coffee?

  • medium roast
  • 1-2T half + half
  • NO sugar.ever. [just never liked the taste in my coffee]

I set out this morning at about 9am.  It was already 70* and completely gorgeous.  The next few days are in the 40’s [barf].  There is finally color starting to come out from the ground!! 

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Is Jamie Oliver in town?

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You have arrived at your destination.

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I live in an area called Wash Park.  I love the simple name of this coffee shop.

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Practically ONE dollar cheaper for every drink compared to gag-bucks ;)

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I ended up with the House Chai instead of coffee.  It’s a locally brewed Chai and was pretty tasty but a little too sweet for me.  I got a fresh pound of coffee as well.  I can’t remember the brand or type but will tell you tomorrow!

Comfortable, warm decor.  [looove]

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Grab a mug.  My favorite is the 2-tone ceramic in front.  It looks like the perfect vessel for oats!

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Completely personalized inside.

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Thennnn I came home and made breakfast.  I was craving oats, but literally sweating from the walk home + my chai tea.  So a smoothie in a bowl was in order. 

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Nothing was measured but here’s what went in:

  • Amazing Grass SuperGreenFood – original
  • Living Harvest – Vanilla Spice Hemp protein powder
  • coconut kefir
  • orange juice
  • hemp milk
  • oats
  • walnuts
  • banana
  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • blackberries

Delicious?  YES.  Topped with Raspberry Galaxy Granola + Maple Cinn Almond Butter melted with Coconut Butter

This filled me up noticeably longer than my typical oats.  Not sure if it was just an “off” day for my usual 2hr hunger pains, or if it was something about this combo that stuck with me longer.

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Weird to end on breakfast!!  I had to be at work from 11-7.  There was no working out today, although I consider those 8hrs a really hard workout!  I should wear a pedometer.  Completely exhausted!! 

Guess who’s birthday was today?  One of my favorite little guys EVER.  JAKE!!!  I couldn’t love this kid more.  Congrats Melissa + Matt, you two are amazing parents!!!  I was so lucky last year to get to see Jake just a few days after he was born, on a trip I made out to Colorado.


stole borrowed this from Melissa’s facebook page ;)

I LOVED all of your comments from yesterday’s post.  The blog world can be amazing because it constantly makes me feel like I’m not alone.  SO many of you said you are feeling the same way with both the “thinking of food all.of.the.time” and “changing up your workout routines.”  It was really fun reading what everyone had to say.  So, THANKS for your input. 

The other day someone asked about the nutritional info for coconut butter.  Instead of my reciting what I read from a website, I’ll just direct you to one. 

I actually just found a website talking about how coconut oil + coconut butter are “one in the same.”  This is soooo not true

A good explanation of coconut butter

Nutrition facts for coconut butter

Off to watch Modern Family!!  This show is getting better + better as the season goes on.  I’m also loving the show Parenthood.  Not sure if I’m swimming or biking tomorrow but I am definitely meeting up with Laura.  Have you checked out Laura + Trav’s new blog??  It’s amazing.  Their photos give me major chills.  They are just SO dang creative.  LOVE them.