more cookies please!

I have to be up suuuuper early for a monthly meeting.  It’s from 6-8am…eeeek!  So let’s get this going..

While I would have loved to have the 2nd protein post done today, it’s not quite finished yet and with my early day tomorrow I can’t stay up late to finish.  Hopefully I will get it done in the next few days.

I know I always say THIS is the best bowl of oats I’ve ever had.  Each time I say it, it’s true!  I just keep 1-upping the bowls and this is the newest BEST BOWL EVER.

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Yes, I have decided, Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oats, are the best oats I’ve ever tasted.  They are a cross between Rolled Oats + Steel Cut Oats + Oat Bran = extremely creamy, with a nice thick texture, and the sliiightest crunch.

Perfected Scottish Oats

  • 1/3c BRM Scottish Oats
  • 1c water
  • 1/3c almond milk
  • 1/4c coconut kefir
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • topped with:  coconut butter, maple cinn almond butter, whole foods - organic mixed berry jelly
  1. boil water
  2. whisk in oats and turn heat down to a simmer..stir a few times during cooking
  3. let cook ~3-5min until getting nice + thick, and add in the almond milk, coconut kefir [or just a little more milk], banana, + cinnamon
  4. stir a few more times, letting cook for another ~3min and then whisk in egg white during the last 2min of cooking
  5. done!

*I don’t cover the pot to cook, as the instructions say to.

Still obsessed with the maple cinn almond butter!!!!  I didn’t miss my crunchy topping today…this was an insanely creamy bowl and I looooved it.

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I met Laura for lunch + a chat session today.  It was much needed and fabulous, as usual.  We met at a really cute little restaurant/dessert bar.  They had a great light lunch menu.  We both got the soup + salad combo.

I got the Greek salad + a hardboiled egg.

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Laura’s salad had candied walnuts that were FAbulous!!

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We both got the tomato soup which also came with a delicious piece of fresh Italian bread.

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We both cleaned our plates!  I was famished from swimming earlier in the morning.

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We saw that they had chocolate chip cookies in their dessert case.  There was a sign saying they had 16 trials before perfecting the cookie.  I HAD to try them.  I haven’t had a real deal chocolate chip cookie in so long and this was SO worth it.  This cookie was about 3/4” thick.  It had the perfect slightly crispy browned exterior but completely soft and chewy center.  I liked that the cookie wasn’t GIGantic.  It was the perfect size.  I know you might think you can never have too much chocolate, but they could have toned down the chips just a little.  I would have liked a little more of the “cookie” part!  However, I will be back for more ;)

I somehow contained myself and the 2nd cookie actually made it home for Chris.

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I made a fun dinner tonight.  I started with a recipe and made a few changes.  I’ll post the recipe when it’s a little bit more perfected.  It started with a nice light sauce that consisted of:

  • tahini
  • lime juice
  • lemon juice
  • tamari
  • hemp oil
  • pepper
  • garlic

These limes were RIDiculous.  I squeezed 1/2T out of 2 full limes!!!  Has anyone ever had dry limes before?  Crazy! 

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The sauce was tasty.

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Ohhh tomatoes.  I have been waiting for you to be in season for SO long.  I probably have purchased 2 tomatoes in the past 6 months.  Just picked up a few CO local maters the other day.  I used to be a tomater hater!!

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30sec Best Balsamic Eva’

  • Appx. equal parts balsamic [4% acidity], olive oil, apple cider vinegar
  • s+p
  • sometimes, garlic powder + oregano or other seasonings

Whisk or use a hand immersion blender to better combine.

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If you’re using balsamic that is 6% acidity you might not need to add the apple cider vinegar. 

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Pita salad!  Arugula + cuc’s + mater + 30sec balsamic + whole wheat pita – This was such a fun way to eat a dinner salad.  It was packed with arugula.  Yum!

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Cold chickpea salad.

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The broccoli was steamed for a few minutes, then rinsed with cold water + chilled.  The only other part of the meal that was cooked were the chickpeas and pita.  Nice balance of raw foods in this meal.

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broccoli + chickpeas + peppers + shallot + sesame seeds

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SO simple + fresh + tasty.  Also, this was surprisingly filling!!  It seemed so light when I was making it but if you eat enough chickpeas it’s pretty dense.  The pita helped too!  I’m definitely going to work on the sauce a little bit and will post when I get it juuust riiight.

Exercise today?  I swam this morning but went to the Adult Open Swim instead of the Adult Open LAP Swim.  Oooops!!  Wow, is all I can say about what the locker is like for adult open swim.  I’ll just say I was claustrophobic and I will never make that mistake again!  The pool didn’t have lanes set up either, and I had to swim the width of the pool which is only 15m instead of 25m. 

I still got a great workout in and didn’t really count anything but just swam for 40-45min. 

  • kickboard – legs only
  • buoy – arms only
  • breaststroke
  • freestyle
  • tread water – 5min
  • breaststroke
  • freestyle
  • tread water – 2min

After dinner we headed to the rock gym and bouldered around for awhile. 

I’m off to respond to comments + then off to bed.  I’m all up to date on comments, so check them out if you asked a question or anything. 

Happy Friday!