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I did something totally different with my oats today, and I must say it was awesome.  A reader, Lisa, left the cutest comment yesterday and it got me thinking…

I have to laugh- I am Scottish and traditionally porridge(oats) would be made with only water and salt!Could you imagine eating that everyday?! My poor Granny would be baffled to hear that you would want to add cinnamon, coconut butter etc!lol I absolutely love the new additions though – I made your almond butter yesterday and I am totally addicted!!

I thought that was so hilarious.  Her Gran would freeeeak out about my cinnamon addiction and globs of peanut butter goo.  So today, I went old school with my bowl.  Actually for the longest time, my favorite way to eat oats was with butter + brown sugar.  After that [about 3yrs ago] I started stirring in globs of pnut butter with a little brown sugar.

Today, it was all salt + butter for me! 

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I still haven’t gotten over the Scottish Oats.  I’m telling you, not only the texture, but the flavor is incredible.  Yes, there is a noticeable flavor difference.  Nothing crazy, but just a more pronounced oat/nutty flavor.  You don’t even need to add milk to these guys.  Water makes them extremely creamy and not gelatinous, like other types of oats.  I typically use 1c water and 1/3c milk, but today I went with all water.

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I couldn’t tell if the butter photos look good or gross, haha.  If you’re vegan and want to try, you could totally use Earth Balance, although I’m sure Granny would be beside herself about that too! ;)

Butterized Salt-Kissed Scottish Porridge

  • 1/3c Scottish Oats
  • 1.5c water
  • 1/4t salt
  • ~1/2T butter
  1. Bring water to a boil.
  2. Whisk in oats and turn heat down to a simmer.
  3. Add salt and whisk a few times while cooking, about 10min total.
  4. Top with butta’

I will admit that I used IRISH butter….probably not a good thing when making Scottish Oats!  Oooops!  I took my bowl of oats to enjoy on the couch and literally brought my container of ground cinnamon with me, just in case.  The 1/2T of butter was definitely the perfect amount and the salt was hardly noticeable, which was perfect!  I savored each bite and really enjoyed this bowl.  However, it of course didn’t fill me up as much without the PB and toppings!!  Next time I want to do this I’ll make at least 1/2c of the oats.

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Lunch was solid.  I’m loving these whole wheat pita’s from Whole Foods.  So much more fun than bread sometimes.   I sliced a large pita in half and filled one with:

  • ~1.5c arugula
  • 1/3 of an English cucumber
  • 1/3 of a tomato


  • equal parts: hemp oil [new love], balsamic, apple cider vinegar,
  • s+p

Fresh.  Crunchy.  Perfect.

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In the other half I made 2 farm fresh eggs with the Pour, Poke + Spread method.  However, right before they were done cooking, I did this:

  1. Just before desired doneness, turn the heat off.  Sprinkle cheese on top and re-cover with foil.  Let sit for ~2min.

The eggs will be cooked to perfection and you will have a nice layer of melted cheese.  I used Organic Valley Extra Sharp White Cheddar – totally recommend it!!  Topped with black beans.

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With a side of local High Country Kombucha!  This is made in Colorado and out of the 4 Kombucha drinks I’ve had, this is right up there with the GT’s Synergy.  They had a lot of flavors but a few of them looked a bit scary…Wild Root anyone?? Or, Aloe???  A lot of them sound good though!

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A few hours later I went on a bike ride and got the best idea from Kath!  She recently posted about mixing coconut water WITH regular water.  If you’ve tasted coconut water before, you know what I’m talking about when I say it has kind of an odd texture.  It’s like it’s slightly thicker and slipperier than water.  Very odd, and I’m not the biggest fan, but I do know how great it is for hydrating while working out.

I mixed this Passion Fruit O.N.E. Coconut Water [sample they sent months ago] with equal parts water.  The flavor was great.  The water was tangy and flavorful, but doesn’t have a nasty artificial sweetener or sugary taste, and the weird texture thing went away!  Thank you Kath!!! I definitely feel like this helps SO much more than plain water.

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Dreary + chilly, but still so pretty.  See the mountains? :) [point n’ shoot camera time!]

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Hy-dra-shone!!!  Don’t worry I stop to take photos…I can’t even take my water bottle out and bike 1-handed yet, haha.

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  • 6 laps = ~14+ miles, avg. around 15mph

When I got home I did some arm lifting.  I’m using 20lb’ers for my curls now!!  Then I did Whittle My Middle [it’s been awhile!] and some yoga stretching for my hips + hammies.

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Date night! Hello from the pantry…Creeepy Dakota creepin in the photo!

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We walked about 1/3m to a restaurant called Thai Basil.  It’s voted one of Denver’s top Thai restaurants and is one of the best deals around!

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If you order an entree, you can get up to THREE, $.50 microbrew beers.  Impossible!  I only had 1, but Chris cashed in on all three ;)

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I wanted to drink this peanut sauce.

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Delicious spring rolls.  I love rice paper!

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HUGE plate of veg in some sort of sauce with tofu.  I cleared the plate of veg + tofu + 1/2 of the brown rice.  The portion is SO much bigger than this looks.

Total meal cost for: 2 entrees + 4 microbrews + appetizer = $24!!

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And now I say goodniiiight!  I’m definitely hitting up the farmer’s market, per usual tomorrow!  I’m working all weekend Sat-Mon.  Catch you lovely peeps tomorrow!

<3 Ashley <3