aaaand i’m off….to bed!

By noon this morning I had already used + cleaned the Vitamix twice AND used + cleaned the food processor.  I headed out for an hour bike ride, then came home and did an ab workout and pushups.  Then I showered, scarfed lunch and made my way to work.  I got home at 11:45pm, showered again and now here I am!  Well 50% of me is here, and 50% of me is in bed already….FULL post tomorrow afternoon.  Energy is lacking :)

I made a delicious breakfast for myself.

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And a delicious + pretty in pink breakfast for Chris.

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Then I played with pecans :)

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Time for a ride!  It was the first nice day out in over a week.  It was in the low 60’s, sunny and gorgeous.  The park was packed which can be highly frustrating when trying to ride.  I had to say “watch out” at least 8 times and “on your left” at least 20 times because people were super unpredictable today! 

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The mountains have been hiding lately behind dark clouds.  It was nice to see them! 

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Love this park.

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1/2 water + 1/2 plain coconut water + 2 big squeezes of lemon = refreshing and SO much more thirst quenching compared to plain water

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My first time eating an Abate pear.  I bought them because they’re pretty :)   

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Here are the bagels I’ve been talking about!  They are realllly tasty!  Just thaw out on the counter in a paper towel overnight and toast to perfection.  The nutritional stats + ingredient list are fabulous. 

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Full disclosure of everything tomorrow with 2 new recipes!  And now the other 50% of me is going to climb into bed. 

Goooodnight!  Check back in the afternoon!