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We cooked two dishes tonight, from my Clean Food cookbook.  They were both vegan, along with the entire book :)  They were fresh + delicious and so much fun to cook together.

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They were quick + easy.  This book is split into the seasons, which I love.  I really enjoy eating as seasonally as possible.  I broke into the summer section today because it has basically changed from winter straight to summer here!  We wanted something refreshing!

The sun was setting as I took these photos, so the ISO was up pretty high, hence the noise! 

You really must buy this cookbook!  Even though we are not vegan, we have loved all of the dishes we’ve cooked from it.  There is a wealth of other fabulous information woven throughout the book as well.  I just love how it is set up.  It’s different from any other cookbook I’ve ever seen.  Love it!

Dish 1 – Fingerling Potatoes + Green Beans with a Lemon Dill Dressing

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If you’ve never tried fingerling potatoes you must!  They are so little and cute and quite chubby.  They cook quickly and are very creamy.  I imagine they would be perfect for mashed taters.

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Dish 2 – Cucumber Mango Chickpea Salad with a Lemon Mint Dressing

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Totally refreshing.

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Pre-dressing.  This was completely delicious!!   

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We loved each dish and would definitely make them again.  More on yesterday, today!  Check back in the afternoon :)

All for now…off to bed!