lovin’ on the green

This was so good I had to make it again.  Except this time I slopped it into a bowl. 

Peanut Butter Banana Green Monster [I think I need to submit this to Angela’s GM page..it’s that good!]

  • 1 1/4c Silk almond milk
  • ice
  • 2c spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 1T peanut butter
  • 1/4t cinnamon

Silk now makes almond milk in a 1/2 gallon size container.  It is delicious and soy-free.  I noticed Almond Breeze also makes soy-free almond milk in their 1/2 gallon size as well [but not in their smaller cartons…weird].  I have make almond milk at home before but I need to figure out how to thicken it up a bit.  The Silk AM was nice and creamy with 60cals per 1c serving.  Anyone tried it yet?

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It was actually a bit too soupy for a bowl.  I ate some with my spoon-shovel but then picked up the bowl and slurped it down.  Either way, delicious.

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Topped with half of a sinking Alliebar!!!  Sooo delicious!

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I obviously ate the other half throughout the day.  Along with 2 of my vegan oatmeal chocolate banana cookies.  But they’re healthy, right? ;) 

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Pretty, delicious + I think this would be a Gena approved!

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Sitting atop a peppery bed of arugula you will find:

  • leftover low + slow potatoes [they are even delicious cold!]
  • 2/3 green pepper
  • 1/2 avocado
  • handful grape tomatoes

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With about a 1/4c of pepitas.  I LOVE pepitas.  They have a ridiculous amount of health benefits, which is part of the reason I ate them today.  One of their benefits is a natural anti-inflammatory.  I need all the anti-inflam I can get for my quad!  Also eaten with a sludgy brownish dressing that tasted much better than it looked!

For dinner I made my 15min curry sauce with local organic wheat berries instead of brown rice and a huge side of broccoli.  I made the curry sauce because Turmeric is also supposed to be a great anti-inflammatory.  Hopefully it helped a bit!

Dressing –> tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, hemp oil, balsamic vinegar, salt = Spectacular!

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Guava Kombucha goodness, thanks to the awesome coupons GT’s sent me!  I liked this flavor but it wasn’t my favorite.  It had a little less “zing” than some, so if you are new this might be for you!  It does have a bit of a sour taste, which I enjoyed.  And it’s really prettttty :)

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The barefoot running clinic was tonight at the flagship REI store here in Denver.  I have been looking forward to this for the past month!  It was 1.5hrs long and fabulous.  I took a ton of notes, for myself, and so I can talk more about it on the blog.  I know a lot of you asked and wanted to hear all about it.  So you can expect a review on that soon.

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For now I will tell you to read:

  1. Born to Run – Christopher McDougall
  2. Barefoot Running – Michael Sandler

I just picked up book #2 tonight with Chris and can’t wait to dive into it.  What I like about this book is that it’s more of an instructional book in comparison to Born to Run.  However, Born to Run is in my top 3 all time favorite books.  We’ll see where this one lands!

Here are a few chapter titles to give you an idea:

  • Barefoot Running vs. Running in Shoes
  • Get Grounded by Learning to Play [Again]
  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Get Those Shoes Off
  • Anatomy of the Barefoot Strike and Stride
  • On the Right Track with Nutrition
  • Weather or Not, Here I Come

We got it signed and got to talk to Michael for a few minutes, which was great.  If you’re new to these crazy shoes I’m wearing or the idea of barefoot running, check out my reviews on them!  Do you own Vibrams?  Send me your photos wearing them and I’ll add you to my VFF photo page!


In other news…thank you all for the concern of my leg!  It is definitely my quad muscle, not hamstring or IT band.  It actually feels much better today than I was thinking.  I don’t think I did severe damage.  My muscle feels bulky + tight today.  It is definitely a bit swollen.  You can especially tell around my knee.  The whole muscle is sort of puffed up.  I took it easy today but did go for a relaxed walk.  I wanted to stretch my legs out a bit and stay loose.  It really only hurts if I move it in a few different positions and walking isn’t really one of them.  I also foam rolled it, which felt good and I’ve been icing.  Hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon!


I won my first giveaway today!! I get to spend $50 at iherb…score! 

Time to do a little reading and then to bed.  I have a super busy weekend and week coming up.  Anyone have fun plans for the long weekend?

NEXT weekend is already the 2nd Colorado blogger meetup! Check for updates!