ice it

To prevent sweating from breakfast:  Iced coffee

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Hot creamy chia oats.

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Cinnamon Chia Oats

  • 1/4c Scottish Oats
  • 1 1/4c water
  • 1t cinnamon
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1T chia seeds
  • 1/3c almond milk
  • 2t mixed berry jam
  • 1T pnut butter + 1T almond milk [heated + stirred]
  • handful of Love Grown Foods - Apple Walnut granola

So creamy.  Scottish Oats are #1 – I use Bob’s Red Mill 

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LOVE peanut butter sauce + LOVE this granola.  Full review on this granola flavor yesterday!

My leg was still hurting from re-tweaking it yesterday.  However, I was getting antsy.  I did some reading and found that swimming would be fine as long as it didn’t start to hurt.  So, off to the pool I went!  It took about 15min to find my groove as I took it a bit slower today.  I felt a few twinges from kicking but then it stopped and I went for 45min making sure to pay close attention to how it was feeling.  I swear the swimming helped.  Is that possible?  It was hurting worse before swimming.  How could it help that fast?  It was very odd!

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You may have seen this before.  But if not, any guesses what it is? 

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Random wedding gift that I love!  It’s from Crate + Barrel if you’re curious.  SO much easier than cutting all of the pineapple skin off and then coring each piece individually.

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Magic!  Super sweet fair trade pineapple from WF.  Yum.

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Gorgeous day outside.  We headed to one of our favorite lunch spots in Denver and then headed to the Boulder Creek Festival.  I iced my quad on the way to lunch and the festival :)

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Hiding.  Lame.

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We ate at Watercourse, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that is fabulous!!  Their menu is HUGE and full of all different types of food.  I got one of the breakfast dishes and it rocked, minus the unripe strawberry ;)

  • 2 scrambled eggs with a PILE of mixed grilled veggie underneath – The eggs were cooked perfectly and the veggies were delish!
  • 2 pieces of homemade whole wheat sourdough – O.M.G. Possibly the best loaf-bread I’ve ever ever had.  It was very soft but had great texture and a fabulous crust.  The flavor was spot on.  I neeeeed this recipe!
  • Gravy – I got it on the side instead of poured over the eggs.  Again, OMG!!!!  I am not a big gravy lover.  Biscuits + gravy?  No thanks, I’d rather have french toast.  However, this was hands down I’ve ever had.  The flavor + consistency were amazing.  I know it doesn’t look like much, but I was literally dipping my toast in it!!  It tasted awesome on top of the eggs and veggies.  Ridiculous.  It was really creamy + rich and ate a few small spoonfuls of it.  I just couldn’t get over the flavor.  Wow.
  • Fruit cup – very “meh” – but I hardly noticed with all the other deliciousness on the plate!

These photos were taken quick!!!

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Chris had a blackened caesar tofu wrap.  Delicious fries AND ketchup.  MMmmm

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Can’t even describe this.  I ate all of it, obviously.

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Drivin’ to Boulder!

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It was PACKED, to say the least.  I’ve never seen such a large festival.  It was super spread out with 100’s of tents.  We did a good job and scored free parking and made it out only spending $9.

We spent $5 for a ridiculously delicious tomatillo hot sauce from a local company.

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The festival runs along the Boulder Creek…hence the name, Boulder Creek Festival ;)  My quad felt pretty good, even with quite a bit of walking.  No twinges!

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We met up with Lauren + her b/f Scott and I finally had my camera this time to get a photo together!  I met this lovely girl at the first CO Blogger Meetup and we’ve hung out many times since.  :)  We have a million things in common!

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Kids bouncing in trees!

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The other $4 was spent on two High Country Kombucha [local!!] drinks.  They had it on tap, YUM.  I mixed 2 of their flavors – Elderberry Hibiscus + Ginger = DEElicious and super refreshing on a hot day

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I picked up a fresh multigrain dough from whole foods and got to cookin for dinner.  I made my 1-2-3 pasta sauce, except reduced the liquid, added more tomato past, and pureed it at the end.  It was PERfect and so super fresh tasting.  100x better than any of the pizza sauce you get in jars/cans.  YUM.

Crunchy kale chip + broccoli + mushroom pizza!!!  It hit the spot :) 

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Don’t forget to check out the Colorado Blogger Meetup II – It’s this coming Sunday, June 6th!!  Check out the page for more details.

Also, I have a new page on top called “Spot Me.”  You’ll find links to other places you’ll find me on the web!  Check it out!  I also updated my blogroll, under my “Things I Dig” page. 

Not sure what we’re up to tomorrow??  Might just be a hang out day!