My fingers must have muscle memory.

I deleted half of my photos from today!!  I went to delete 1 photo right after I took it, and before I knew what I was doing….I had selected the trash can button on the camera, then arrowed over to delete all, and then on the next screen that says “cancel” or “delete all” I hit delete all.  Before I knew what my fingers were even doing!!  Every morning before I start taking breakfast photos I always delete all and my fingers must really be used to the pattern.

Luckily I aborted about half way through.  Of course I did this on a morning that I ate something other than oats.  Go figure. 

Oh well!!  Actually I heard that there are memory card recovery programs that get your deleted files back.  I’ll try that out and post if I find them. 


Breakfast rocked.  I used a recipe from on of my favorite new blogs (never home)maker.  It’s called the “Banana Scrambled Sandwich” and basically contains mashed banana, nut butter, maple syrup, + shredded coconut.  You heat it up in a pan and it is just SO so so good.  I ate the “recipe for 2” for myself, because I’m super starving in the AM.  However, I made 1/2 with pnut butter and 1/2 with maple cinnamon almond butter.  Both were insanely delicious stacked between 2 slices of toasted Fitness Bread.

Can you picture it?

Then I met Emily for coffee.  I got a latte and made a pretty heart with the foam, but alas…no photo…

Are you bored yet?  I am…

Then….I made chocolate cake…again!  However, this was a butter + egg filled chocolate cake that I have made once before.  I made it for Travis’s graduation party.

After I deleted the photos…I took 2 shots of what was left of the cake. 

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I used my standard butter cream frosting recipe, which I love because it’s super creamy + not overly sweet.  I infused it with vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup.  Laura said Chocolate is Trav’s favorite flavor. 

I also infused some of the frosting with spinach for grassy green sides and cocoa powder for chocolatey brown letters.  Everyone asked if the green was guacamole ;)

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After making the cake, I set it on top of the fridge so the dogs would stand no chance at finding it…and went for a bike ride!  It was gorgeous outside today but a little chilly.  It was about 55-60 and a little windy but after my first lap I was all warmed up!

  • 8 laps = 18.5m –> 1hr 15min

It felt great to get in a long ride, especially since yesterday’s was cut short.  I could have kept going because I was feeling great but had to get back to frost the cake, shower and head out!  Still a great ride though!

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Doublemint Gum anyone?  Wow, they really had good marketing back in the day because I can still sing that jingle along with the one for “Big Red.”  Ugh. Totally stuck in my head!  Are there still commercials for either of those?

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Delicious fiesta food.  Laura made awesome homemade guac!  I filled up 2 tacos full of veggies, a LOT of guac and salsa with chips on the side and a piece of cake. mmm

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One of their friends MADE piñatas for Travis.  They were awesome.  A big “T” for obvious reasons and 2 rain drops because Travis’s grad degree deals with water + engineering in developing countries. 

Watching adults swing at piñatas is highly entertaining.

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Laura’s turn.

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This little girl ROCKED the “T.”  She seriously creamed it.

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Freaking awesome.

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Gorgeous sunset.

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And a puggle puppy!

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And Laura munching on cake.

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Four freezing people.  It was realllllly cold.  Come on Colorado…warm UP!  Apparently, we’re all hat people ;)

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Aaaaand that’s all folks…

Time for a snack + bed..up early for work!



Oooooh edited to add!!!  These came from the lovely Laura…woohoo!

The full cake!!!

for ash-1

for ash-2

for ash-3

Congrats Trav!

for ash-4 for ash-5


for ash-6

<3 herrrrrr

 for ash-9

I told you…it was COLD.  It looks like I’m trying to break my right foot!

for ash-10

nom nom

for ash-11

Good times!

for ash-12

Okay…bed time for realz!