Happy Mother’s Daaaaay!

Last night was my first night not posting in I don’t know how long.  I’ve had a 4 day headache that will just not leave me alone!  I have taken advil a few times but it just keeps coming back.  I feel like it could be sinus related which is also leaving me with a “in the clouds” sort of feeling. 

I worked yesterday and then came home and napped [a rarity].  We went out to Thai Basil with a few friends and got home around 10 from dinner.  I had one small glass of wine with dinner which did me in.  I was passed out on the couch by 11pm.  Cheap date. 

I woke up around 11:45pm but had a 55lb lap dog boxer on me and she didn’t understand that “I have to blog.”  I laid on the couch chugging water due to the ridiculous sodium intake from dinner and went to bed.  I’m sure that salt didn’t help my headache either!

So here I am trying to post before work.  Let’s see how this goes. 

Oooooh as I’m typing my files from the other day are being recovered.  Brilliant!

FYI – If you ever delete photos off your memory card, but you want them back, THEY ARE STILL THERE.  Memory cards are weird…I mean you’d think “delete” actually meant “delete” but all of your old files that haven’t been written over are still there.  You just have to download a card recovery program.  Super simple!

However, I don’t have an hour to sift through the oodles of photos I took the other day…so I will now present you with yesterday’s breakfast and the Mother’s Day gifts I sent to my fabulous mom this year.

Happpppy Mother’s Day!!!!!  To my mom and all of the other wonderful, loving, beautiful, generous, dedicated mothers out there.  You deserve more than just one day out of the year for all of your hard work!

I found the perfect card this year.  First one I picked up!  It’s from Whole Foods and cheaper than most of the cards at Target…it was under $3.

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My first Operation Beautiful note went to my mom :)

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And a few little gifts…a large canvas tote with the mountains on it.  I wrote little notes that went along with each gift.  This one says “something to tote around all of your “S” piles and think of me!”  Growing up, and still do this day [sorry to out you mom!], my mom has always had a few piles here and there.  You know, mail, bills, papers from work, etc.  She always called them “S” piles instead of saying sh*t piles.  So I thought this might be a good tote to haul around her school [she’s a speech teach] “s” piles with! ;)  It would also make a lovely pool tote, or obviously for groceries.  Aaaand it has the mountains on it so she’ll always being thinking of me, hehe.

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My favorite lotion!!  An aromatherapy pack of bath salts, to re-energize!!  Milk chocolate pnut butter pretzel bites…because why not? 

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Yesterday’s breakfast.  I made the yummy banana scramble sandwich again!  This time I added cinnamon and nixed the maple syrup.  It’s sweet enough without the maple for me.

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Banana Scramble [edited from here]

  1. Mash together.
  2. Heat a pan over medium and lightly grease. 
  3. Cook banana scramble until lightly browned and caramelized.
  4. Smash on a bagel, bread, english muffin, etc.


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I ate this on one of my crazy protein + fiber filled hemp bagels.  Delicious!!!

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It’s weird to do a morning post…especially before work!  Eeeek.  I need breakfast + a little makeup and then I’m out the door. 

Later bloggies..have a great Sunday!!!