what the…eh?

I wonder where I am….

Midnight snack…[well, really 2am snack]

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Amazingly ridiculous basket of goodies!

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Cherries….can you guess yet?

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Does this mug look familiar?

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Tea of course!

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Cherry Banana Soft Serrrrrrrrve!!!!!!

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This should be a dead giveaway.

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It’s more amazing than it looks!

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mmmmMMmMmmm  Cherry Chocolate Bomb Vegan Overnight Oats!!


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Voilaaaaaaa!!!  Angela and I have been planning a meet up for awhile now.  Since I was in Cleveland visiting my family for 2 weeks, we thought it was perfect time for me to take a little side-trip up North!!

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I arrived last night around 11:30….what was I thinking driving to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY by myself AT NIGHT?  LOL.  Funny story going through the border crossing that I will fill you in on SOON…I made it safe + sound to Angela' + Eric’s beautiful home.

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The famous blog cat, Sketchie!!!

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Gift basket in the daylight!  More details on the contents later!!  I got Angela a bag of goodies from Trader Joes for 2 reasons…since she’s never been to one AND to thank her for letting me crash at her place for 2 nights and planning a million fun things to do.  She is just as fabulous as she seems on the blog, as is Eric!!  We chatted for hours and got to bed around 2am :)

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Angela and I have been blog friends for awhile now with the whole granola bar business connection.  It is SO exciting to finally meet in person!!  She made a big list of things to do today and we’re going to get started on it…I think we’re off for a hike first!! 


Happppy Tuesday!