adventures in Canada part II

A few more photos from the morning…

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So…these vegan overnight oats were completely amazing.  Angela puts chocolate Amazing Grass in them which made it taste like cookie dough.

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The cherry banana soft serve was out of control delicious.

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The cacao nibs + cherry on top were perfect!  I will definitely be replicating these at home.  It was nice to have breakfast that didn’t make me sweat, like my hot oats + coffee :)

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After breakfast + chatting we went on a hike at a nearby park.  It was a gorgeous day outside and the temperature in the low 70’s and breezy.  You can check out Angela’s post for a recap of our hike :)  It’s easy to get lost when you’re talking and not really paying attention…we weren’t really lost…but did take one wrong turn where the path got really narrow and I ate about 10 cobwebs…mmmm

We quickly navigated back and ended up doing about 2+ miles.  Love hiking!

We came back STARVING.  I tore into my FIRST ever Glo Bar tasting!!!  A fabulous aroma of coffee came wafting out of the bag.  This bar had an awesome chewy texture with a great crunch.  I loved the rice crisp texture and all of the oats + seeds.  The flavor was perfect and not too sweet. 


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We may have talked about granola bars A LOT [since I had my business going for awhile last summer]

…and food + life + photography + blogging + etc.   We have a million things in common…WHY do we live cross country?

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Angela found THEE cutest vegetarian/vegan/gluten free friendly restaurant pretty close to where she lives.  It was her first time there and we had high expectations.  Their website is great and the decor fabulous.  It was in a town called Burlington and the name of the cafe/bakery/store was called Kind Food.

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There was a small natural food store inside and they also have a bakery.

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The baked goods didn’t look very appealing and there wasn’t much of a selection.  Nothing was like “whoa, I have to have that now.”

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Angela started with a crazy beet juice.  I had a sip.  I’m not sold on fresh juices, which I’m still surprised about since I love green monsters/amazing grass/wheat grass/etc. 

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Chris + I LOVE these! 

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Photogenic, eh? ;)  SO pretty!!!

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Looked great from the outside…we were SO excited!!

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It was really nice to just sit + relax!

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We both ordered the Happy Buddha Bowl.  Contents were:

Steamed brown rice, roasted sweet potato, chopped onion, tomato, almonds, sunflower seeds, cilantro, basil, olive oil, sprouts and tamari.

Sounds great, right?

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I had them go light on the cilantro, since I’m not a fan.  At first glance it looked fabulous. 

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But then we both realized it was about 1/2c of fresh veggies and 2-3c of rice coated in olive oil.  There were 2 small slices of avocado, 4 thin slices of sweet tater, about 5 almonds, 1-2tsp sunflower seeds, about 2T tomato and a little red onion AND it cost $10.75 [in Canadian $].  The flavor was a bit lacking as well and there was a lot of oil on the rice.  There should have been 3x the amount of veggies and less than 1/2 the rice. 

I don’t mind paying for good quality ingredients, especially when out a restaurant, but this just didn’t add up.  Between this meal and the lack luster looking bakery items, my conclusion is: great business idea, poor execution.  We really wanted to give rave reviews, but were disappointed.  Boo! 

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Something that wasn’t lacking however… goodie basket from Angela.  She loaded me up with tea and a green tea bath salt ball. 

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I can’t wait to try all of these.  So far the Glo Balls + Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee bar exceeded my expectations.

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More tea, chocolate, bath samples, orangemint water…YUM

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We had a nice afternoon snack:

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And tea!  LOVE this Bodum tea brewing device [kettle? pot? eh?]

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Angela decided she wanted to try kale chips for the first time.  I’m not quite sure how it’s possible she’s never had them.  Kale chips are so super easy to make!

  • preheat oven to 350
  • wash kale
  • tear from stems + throw on a baking sheet
  • toss with a little olive oil + salt + pepper [or whatever seasonings you want]
  • bake for ~25min until nice and crispy, tossing a few times during baking

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We chilled on a few brews. 

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I creeped around in their backyard while Eric was busy BBQ’ing our dinner!

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Loving the country feel of where they live.  Very peaceful.  It’s nice to have a large wooded backyard!

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Grilled veg burgers topped with:

  • tomato
  • avocado
  • salsa
  • peppers
  • on DEElicious Ezekiel bread

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This simple dinner hit the spot!

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Photo-pro in action!  I gave Ange a tutorial in Lightroom today.  She was SO excited but she’ll probably kill me in a week because it ends up making the posting process take much longer.

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Next time Chris needs to come too…he + Eric have a LOT in common…like their crazy blogging wives :)

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Meeting Abby the other day and now meeting Angela has been pretty amazing.  It’s so fun to make the blog friendships come full circle and meet in person.  It’s definitely going to be sad to leave but at least we’ll be seeing each other in August at the Healthy Living Summit!

Off to chillax + then bed!  I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to head back for the rest of my trip in Cleveland.  It was a short but awesome visit up in Canada!