green monster morning

Do you ever wake up dreaming of a personal chef creating a buffet of Green Monster for you in the morning??

It happened this morning for my cousins, aunt + mom.  Luckies!

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As I told you yesterday, AJ + Jenna were non-stop with the questions about how spinach could possibly be included in a smoothie.  I was a littler concerned not using the Vita-Mix, hoping it would not leave little spinach pieces, making them gag :)

Lucky for everyone, this blender was a beast!  Lucky for me too because if there were spinach chunks I would have never heard the end of it!

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We started off slow with a lime green colored Peanut Butter Banana GM.  So creamy + delicious.  Everyone loved it and said there was ZERO spinach taste.  I told you so!

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I actually got this blender for my aunt + uncle awhile back from Bed Bath + Beyond.  I think it cost around $40.  It was seriously impressive.  The glass pitcher was nice + sturdy and the 1-14 speed settings is a nice feature.  With a little help [carefully sticking a spoon in the top] each smoothie was 100% smoooooth. 

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Mango Strawberry Banana – with OJ + ice + spinach

Guzzled these down too!  Green Monster tasting buffets are quite fun…even for the smoothie chef!

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Getting merkier!  This was a Strawberry Banana Chocolate monster with: strawbs + banana + almond milk + cocoa powder + ice + spinach + chocolate milk

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I made a giant Purple Slurple for round 4 –> Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry Monster with: strawbs + blueberries + raspberries + banana + oj + ice + spinach

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Can you guess the favorite??  It was hands down, the Peanut Butter Banana GM [used almond milk], which got my vote too!  Such a fun morning feeding the family spinach for breakfast…muahahahaha

I stocked up on fruit at Whole Foods yesterday.  I’ve been craving fruit 24/7 lately!  The cantaloupe was on sale + superrrrb.  I filled it with cherries + blueberries + TJ’s honey green yogurt + Mama Pea’s cherry almond granola.  This TJ’s yogurt is amazing.  It’s full fat and just has the silkiest texture with a not-too sweet flavor. 

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Then I got busy making my brown rice krisp bars.  I wanted to make one of my best friends, Megan, a birthday treat before we met up for dinner.  She is married with 2 kids, so I thought these would go over well with the whole family :)

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Megan + I have been friends since about 7th grade.  I love seeing her when I’m home but it’s definitely not enough! 

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We went to an amazing middle eastern restaurant called Aladdins.  The food was outstanding.  We had a little wine, split a falafel appetizer, and both got an entree. YUM.  I noticed they have a FAbulous smoothie + juice menu with great prices.  I’ll have to sneak back there before I leave on Monday!

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After our relaxing + chatty 2.5 hour dinner :) we went to see my brother play the Tabla with a band at a cafe.  It was completely awesome. 

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My brother always amazes me with his talent. 

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I don’t know how to describe the music but it was really upbeat and all of the musicians were insanely talented.

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Loved the trumpet!

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Who all played in their school band?  What instrument?  I played the flute for at least 5 years and the cello + piccolo for 1 year.  I reallllly want to get back to playing the cello at some point!

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Chris leaves for Ecuador tomorrow, which I mentioned a week or so ago.  I’ll finallllly get to see him on June 29th, when he returns home.  The full time apart is 3 weeks, which is really long!  Our 2yr anniversary is this monday, when I’m traveling back to Colorado.  I can’t wait for him to get back safe + sound so we can celebrate! :) 

If you missed why he’s going to Ecuador…

Chris is traveling to Ecuador 2 days before I get back to Colorado.  He’s going on a small trip with a non-profit engineering group [Engineers Without Borders] here in CO.  The focus of the project they’re working on is to develop and sustain a potable [drinking water] and irrigation system in a small group of villages in Malingua Pamba, Ecuador.

Not sure what’s on tabs for tomorrow morning + afternoon.  I haven’t been doing much exercise since I’ve been home because of the whole sinus/dizzy/nausea thing that was going on for over a week.  I have been taking long walks at least every other day though.  I can’t wait to get back to the normal routine!  We have a family wedding tomorrow night, which should be really fun.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!