rockin’ the flats

Saturday recap…

Vegan Overnight Oats with 1T flax meal instead of 1T chia seeds.  It was super thick + worked perfectly!

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Layered up with blueberry banana soft serve and topped with cacao nibs + maple cinnamon almond butter


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Later in the afternoon, my family + I had a Glo Bar tasting. 

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I cut up the above 3 bars for everyone to sample.  I don’t think anyone could pick a favorite.  They were gobbled right up and everyone loved them!  I really like the texture of Angela’s bars. 

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I think so far, my favorite Glo Bars have been the Dark Chocolate Coffee and the Peanut Butter.  I still have one of her new Liberate bars [GF + RAW] to try.  I am definitely looking forward to it! :)

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Wearing ballet flats to a wedding is….

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I’ve never been too big of a “heels” girl and hate cramming my feet into pointy, high heels.  Not to mention with all of my barefoot/Vibram walking lately, my feet kind of freak when I have them in regular shoes.  I found these on the clearance rack at Macy’s, marked down from $70 to $25.  Definitely worth it to keep my feet happy!

Classy tan lines thanks to the Vibrams :)

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Wedding time!!  My cousin courtney [mom’s first cousin’s daughter] got married today and the wedding was beautiful. 

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My mom’s 1st cousin, Cheryl, the bride’s mother.  She looked stunning!  Her dress was so unique and just gorgeous.

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Courtney looked 100% perfect!!  Her dress looked like it was made for her, her hair was extremely classy, her makeup was natural and her veil was long + elegant.  I definitely got teared up when I saw her!! 

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Daaaa da da daaaaaaaaaa

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Loved the wedding colors.  Mine were very similar…chocolate brown + coral.

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Gorgeous, right??  I wish I had a better photo of her whole dress. 

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Her brother, Justin.  Josh [my bro] and Justin used to gang up on Courtney + me ALL the time when we were younger.  I remember getting locked in a scary basement room, forced to drink some nasty sludge water, never-ending teasing, etc.  Ohhh, older brothers :)

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M.O.B. lookin’ great!

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Immediate + some extended family.  So nice to get to see everyone!

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My bro + the parentals

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Aunt Sherie + me

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I wore my wedding necklace and the bracelet Chris gave to me at our wedding. 

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Husband-less :(  I am missing him like crazy!!  He should be safe + sound in Ecuador now….not sure when I’ll hear from him though!

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Simple + stunning.

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Delicious salad to start!

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Intros and then right to the cake cutting.

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I definitely scarfed down a delicious piece of vanilla cake with a raspberry filling.  YUM.

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Their first dance was adorable.  They were talking + laughing the whole time, which reminded me of my first dance with Chris. 

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Congrats Courtney + Grant!!!  I wish you only the best!

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