too pooped.

I’m currently exhausted and the dogs are obviously offering no help.

She’s so dignified.

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Cheer up dog!!

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You know I’m busy when I don’t even have time to fit in a workout!  It’s okay…my body needed a day to “rest.”  I’ll be back Sunday with full disclosure of all my Friday happenings.

My morning started off with a bang.  Seriously!!  One of my top 5 bowls of oats EVER.  Blueberries were a first and I loved them.  I’m also sliiiightly excited to have the maple cinnamon almond butter back in my life.  Yowza. 

Perfection in a bowl.

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nom nom nom

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THIS was thee best part of my day!!!  In all of it’s craziness I got an amazing package from Mama Pea herself.  I got PEA MAIL.  Sweeeeet.  We arranged a kitchen exchange. 


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I shouldn’t have to tell you how delicious this is.  You should just know!

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Don’t forget about the weeds!!!  I have a lot of photos and my thoughts on the eco-friendly vinegar based weed killer. 

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And now I’m off to bed with an early 6:30am wake up call.  Eeeek!

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Peace out!