something different.

I did something completely different today.  I started my morning off with a workout.  I have never really been a morning workout person.  This is because, I am a night owl.  However, today the temp was supposed to be 100* so I wanted to get out on my bike before I had to deal with that!

I started off with a banana smeared with pnut butter.  There was no time for photos.  I was ravenous and on a mission to get out the door!

It was already 90* out when I was riding.  HOT but bearable, especially on a bike.  And remember, no humidity out here, also making things better. 

Morning ride: 17 miles – My legs felt like jelly until about mile 10.  I was pretty tired from a lot of walking on Sunday + a hard pool workout on Monday.  

When I got home I took off my socks + shoes + went for a little barefoot run!  It’s addicting, I swear!  Today I went about 300yds or a little more and it felt great.  I chalked my feet [with powdery climbing chalk] to make them nice + dry so I would avoid friction with the ground.  The whole time I ran I was thinking about my feet coming UP off the ground and I think it worked!  My steps were light + quick.  Yay! 

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I followed my run with an ab workout on the balance ball and then about 10 minutes of yoga stretches, focusing on my hip flexors + hamstrings.  It was hard to not chew my arm off as I was STARving.  There was NO way I could not do oats today!  I needed something cold!

A completely different breakfast.

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I adore cantaloupe and I’ve been finding the best loupes ever lately!  Next a Cascadian Organic high fiber cereal that is completely delicious.  It has a great crunchy texture and a little bit of sweetness.  Also paired with 1/2c plain lowfat Nancy’s yogurt, sprinkled with cinnamon, chia seeds + cacao nibs.  Also on the side, 1/2 toasted Ezekiel sprouted EM with earth balance.

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Summery perfection.  I was stuffed!!  I actually measured out the yogurt + cereal, something I never do.  I just wanted to see what actual portion sizes were to see how off I was.  I poured 1/2c of cereal and 1/2c of the yogurt and was actually surprised how much was there!  I was completely satisfied after this.  YUM.

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Okay.  This sandwich.  Well, I can’t stop thinking about it.  I know it probably doesn’t look like much here.  But….wow, is this a keeper.  The best sandwich I’ve had in a long time and the best tempeh sandwich eveRRR.

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Grilled Tempeh Cheese Samich

  • 2 slices bread [I used Rudi’s Organic multigrain oat]
  • 1/2 block tempeh sliced thing
  • thin slices organic valley extra sharp white cheddar [my FAV]
  • sliced pickles + cucumbers
  1. Grease and heat a pan, panini press, or foreman grill.
  2. Layer sandwich with bread –> cheese –> tempeh –> cheese –> bread
  3. Let cook until brown, flipping over if necessary.
  4. Open sandwich and stuff with cold sliced pickles + cucumbers.

No dressing needed.  This was 100% amazing.  Every last bite of it.  The crispy, lightly oiled bread, the gooey cheese and cold delicious pickles + cuc’s.  Ahhhhhhh.  :)

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With 2 huge sliced carrots + a big glob of peanut butter.  Stuffed with happiness + deliciousness!!

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We had a little get together with friends tonight.  I was really busy today so I whipped up a quick batch of my curry honey hummus.  This takes 5min to make and will impress all of your friends!!  I made a double batch, so we would have some at home :)

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Cucumbers + carrots for dippers with some Back To Nature sesame tarragon crackers, which are amazing.

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Love this stuff.  I can’t wait to make a huge veggie sandwich slathered with curry for lunch tomorrow.  You know I’ll be panini pressing it :)

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Did I mention it was 100* today???  Definitely had to wear a super light + comfy dress.

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Ali + Hovan were super sweet and grilled up some eggplant for their veggie friends.  I added tomato + hummus.  Ali made a simple but delicious coleslaw with cabbage + carrots + balsamic vin + oil + s+p.  It was perfect.  I loved that it didn’t have mayo.  I’ve just never been a fan!  Then why did I eat the potato salad?  Well, it looked really good!!  But then, I was quickly reminded of my mayo issue ;)  I definitely am thinking of whipping up a summery potato salad with greek yogurt, lemon + dill. 

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Hangin out.  Ali bein’ cute.

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Chris being attacked by ferocious animals.

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Amaaaazing chocolate cake from Whole Foods.  I’m definitely a vanilla on vanilla cake girl but this was FABulous.  I had seconds.  YUM.

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Some of my lady friends :)  Allison, Jen, me + Ann

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And a little backyard entertainment from Kurtz + Hovan.  Hard to explain their act but it’s pretty hilarious.

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I finished my 4th header for Katie, from Legally Fit.  She actually bid on this header for Angela’s Shop For a Cause fundraiser, for Canadian Cancer Society.  I figured if I couldn’t donate money, I could donate some of my time.  Thanks to Katie for donating to such a great cause.

I’ve started on my 5th + 6th headers as well, and I’m pretty excited about them.  It has been really fun getting to use my design background for something I really enjoy :)

Also…the feedback on the natural deodorant was exciting!!  I used it today for my HOT bike ride and for our get together and it worked perrrrfectly.  I have a few notes about it that I’ll fill you in on soon! 1 thing though, do not put it in an old deodorant container…it leaks out of the bottom if it gets warm :)  hehe

And with that….I’m running to bed!! 

<3 Ashley