FREE food!

Quickie post + a giveaway!! Funnnn!!

After Tuesday’s breakfast bowl, that was all I could think of when I woke up. 

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  • 1 amazing nectarine
  • 1 banana
  • Nancy’s organic plain yogurt
  • Cascadian Organic high fiber morning cereal
  • 1/2 Ezekiel sprouted english muffin + pnut butter


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I loved the variety.  If you know me, when it comes to food, I like variety.  I am ALWAYS trying to split with Chris when we go out to eat.  He’s not a fan though.  He says, he has his mind set on a certain thing and just wants that.  Borrrriiiing ;) However, when I’m with my mom, she is always up for it!

It’s like my own mini-buffet!

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I was cleaning the kitchen in preparation for a BIG day of baking.

And then I did this….

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Totally salvageable!  I do not recommend juggling watermelons + cantaloupes at the same time.

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Lunch repeat from yesterday too, with a few changes!

I used a tortilla this time, which go sooo deliciously crispy but for this particular sandwich, bread is better.

  • tortilla
  • cheese
  • tempeh
  • cheese
  • tortilla

After it cooked I added: cucumbers + pickles + avocado

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carrots, cuc’s + curry honey hummus on the side

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And then I got my bake on.  Recipes + a TON of photos coming soon.  There were too many to go through tonight.  I was busy all day [working on headers + a few other projects] and didn’t get home until about 11pm. 

These babies are vegan…and delicious!

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A non-vegan version.

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A bread version.  mmmm

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We enjoyed a fun dinner with Ann + Kurtz tonight. 

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We both had piles of veggies that we wanted to use up with a little bread + shrimp on the side.  Simple summer grilled dinners are the best!

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When I recently returned back to Colorado, from visiting my family in Ohio, I had an awesome package from Lundberg waiting for me.  I absolutely LOVE Lundberg’s products.  The quality is awesome, everything always tastes great and they are Monsanto FREE!!  I use so many of their products.  Most frequently I use their rice + brown rice syrup

They rock.

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I don’t usually go for the boxed grain mixes with seasoning packets because I enjoy adding my own seasonings and buying the grains in bulk.  However, it was nice to not have to think about what to add and just throw it in the pot.  The ingredient list was much better than the norm and the product was delicious.  Both Chris + I loved all of these couscous mixes.

I think the curry was my favorite but I also really liked the savory herb.  I have been so obsessed with quinoa + millet that I have forgotten about couscous.  SO tasty!

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Lundberg was generous enough to offer a giveaway and send one lucky commenter 4 boxes, as I show above.  I’m excited to promote their product, even though I have no gain from it.  I love to spread the word about such quality companies. 

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This giveaway ends at 5pm on Friday.  There is one way to enter [whatever, I’m old school like that]. 

Leave a comment below telling me about your biggest kitchen flop ever.  Did you ever completely ruin a meal when you had friends over?  Drop something coming out of the oven??  Dish your best story!

I think one of my winners [there are a few!] was taking out this layered pudding/whipped cream/walnut crust dessert called Cream Delight out of my parent’s fridge in Ohio.  It was a big 9x13 pan and I don’t know WHAT happened but the whole thing ended up on the floor.  Quite ridiculous.  However, you know I sat on the floor eating it with a spoon. :)

Happy Thursday!!