back tomorrow!

This week has been non-stop and it’s about to keep going + going through the weekend.  No complaints though!  Just busy-ness!

I’ll be back tomorrow early afternoon!

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With a special breakfast treat…

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…and a vegan zucchini bread muffin recipe coming sooooon!

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For now….

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I need to get some SLEEP.

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We were out of the house most of the day for a few reasons…

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Visiting family in Ft. Collins was one of them.

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My cousin is adorable…and learning how to drive…scary ;)

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Their dog, Jonah, it quite adorable as well.  The pizza we had was mouthwatering delicious.  I haven’t had a thick crust in awhile and MAN was it amazing. 

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It’s nice to have family nearby :)

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I got a quick swim in this morning before leaving.  I knew I only had a 30min in the pool so here is what I busted out:

  • 15min walk to the gym
  • 50m warm up
  • 1150m freestyle [30min total, sprint every 10th length]
  • 50m cool down
  • 15min walk home
  • 3 sets of crunches + pushups

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for 4 varieties of Lundberg’s couscous!!!  Keep your comments coming…they have been hilarious to read!!! :)

Check back tomorrow early afternoon!