future predictor

While I was home [in Ohio] I went through a bunch of old photos.  I thought it would be a fun birthday post to show you some of them!

First, a little about me, from my 11yr old voice: [yes, I was a HUGE baby!]


I danced for a few years but then got into karate + sports instead :)  I’m in the middle!


My mom always made me the most creative cakes!! 


That little house on the left is for Smooshies!!  Did anyone used to have these?  I LOVED them!!!


Nice stache dad!  A lot these photos were from visits to see my grandparents in Ohio, when we were still living in Michigan.  We moved to Ohio when I was 7.


My first day of school!! [1st or 2nd grade maybe?]  Totally rocking the NKOTB lunch box!!!


the bro + me [we’re just under 4yrs apart in age]


New Years at my g’rents house in Ohio!


Ohhh yah, muscle machine! 


I loved that teddy bear sweatshirt..it’s stomach squeaked!


Love this one :)


Visiting our g’rents that lived in Florida…Awesome Looney Toons outfit, lol!!


Found a really cool photo of my parents…they’re the 2 in the middle!


More HILarious writing, from age 11. 


And here I predict the future…at 11yrs old!!  I about dropped on the floor when I read this!!!  I love some of my random sentences in both of these pieces…ohhh goodness.  I wish I would have predicted more, because so far I’m spot on!


1 – I’m definitely very environmentally conscious but how did I know this when I was 11??? Who thought about buying a car that didn’t pollute the air?  No one even really talked about that back then!

2 – I have 2 degrees in Architecture and have always been interested in high-end residential design.

3 – I had never even been to Colorado when I wrote this!! 

This AMAZES me!!!

We had a fun pre-birthday night hoppin’ around a few art galleries tonight!  Here is a quick photo recap…

Oh, but first a post-workout smoothie:


  • .75m walk to gym
  • 45min swim, didn’t count laps
  • .75m walk home
  • weights at home
    • lateral shoulder raises
    • front shoulder raises
    • standing shoulder press
    • curls
    • tricep extensions
    • squats
    • lunges
  • yogadownload 8min abs
  • Polly’s 10min Yoga For Runners with a few add-ons at the end

Purple SlurrrRRRple!!  This one was sooo delicious!

(1 of 13)

  • 3/4 banana
  • ~1c strawberries
  • ~1c blackberries
  • ~1/2c plain Greek yogurt
  • ~1/2c unsweetened coconut milk
  • ~1/2c unsweetened hemp milk
  • 3T Living Harvest hemp protein powder
  • 1/2t maca powder

(2 of 13)

Ann + Kurtz got me the cutest gifts!

(3 of 13)

A pretty EnviroSac shopping bag and 6 adorable coasters!

(4 of 13)

(5 of 13)

(6 of 13)

(7 of 13)

(8 of 13)

(9 of 13)

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(12 of 13)

(13 of 13) 

…time for bed, lots of fun tomorrow!! :)