fantabulous weekend

Before I get to July 3rd, let’s start with July 4th morning.

Something is wrong here…see it?

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I took my first big spill today.  Chris + Kurtz and I went on a 9am bike ride today.  There was a lot of bike traffic on the path on the way back home.  There was basically a bike traffic jam and we all had to slam on our brakes pretty quickly.  Well, I got tangled up in Chris’s back tire and went crashing into the ground.  It was a bit startling but could have been worse.  My knee, elbow + hip are pretty banged up + swollen.  My handlebars also got bent pretty bad, but apparently that bent part should just pop back into place.


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My elbow/arm + knee took the brunt of the fall.  I’m definitely starting to feel the effects all over though.  My neck and whole left arm feel stiff + store.  Yuck!  I knew it would happen sometime, and I’m sure this won’t be the last!

Lumpy swollen elbow…blah

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We managed to get in 18 miles on the ride though!  I’m feeling pretty sleepy + out of it…so I’m going to start on the morning/afternoon of my birthday and do part 2 tomorrow. 

It was a seriously awesome + eventful, aaaand very relaxing day!

I woke up and had plans to go to the Boulder farmer’s market with Chris.  We were going to meet Lauren + her boyfriend Scott there too!  But first, my morning started with a delicious breakfast. 

Tea to start + yes, I incorporated this amazingly delicious chocolate into my breakfast.

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I made the super simple coconut flour flax pancakes.  The were perfect!  Love the fluffiness + how hearty they are even though you only use 2T of coconut flour + 2T of ground flax meal.

The recipe makes about 3, 4” pancakes and with all my toppings it is the perfect amount! 

I made one pancake with chocolate chunks, one with blueberries and one with both.  Looooved them all!

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Toppings included:

  • pnut butter banana “soft serve” [blend 1 frozen banana + 1T pnut butter in the food processor for about 3min]
  • blueberries
  • 2 cherries
  • Love Grown Foods granola – gotta have some crunch!
  • cocoa coco pnut butter

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Birthday breakfast perfection!!!

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We kind of left the day open.  Chris said we had plans from about 5pm – 10pm but other than that everything was up to me!  First, we were off to the farmer’s market.  It was a sizzling 95+ degree day!

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As we were walking to the market I felt like a birthday iced coffee :)

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Boulder has some EXcellent coffee spots!  I love how they are all really unique and have great tasting coffee.

Lauren + me

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Husband + happy bday girl

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We were at the market a little later this week…around 11:30?  Some of the veggies were already discounted, which was awesome!  We got a ton of stuff for less than $20!

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Would you LOOK at THIS rainbow chard?????????  It is GIIIInormous!

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Dad – I finally found a use for your old golf shoes!!!

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For some reason, these creep me out! 

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Some of the goods!  Yes, that is a gigantic zucc, that cost $1.25 and is perfect for baking.  My mom + I used to make a TON of zucchini bread every summer, and I’ve been craving it!  I’m excited to play with the recipe.

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My birthday wouldn’t be complete, without a stop to Whole Foods :)  We had to pick up some things for dinner and figured we would just eat lunch there.  We stopped a one of the HUGE stores in Denver with a million lunch options…seriously!

I made a huge salad with grilled zucc, marinated shrooms, beets, feta, chickpeas, cucumber, etc.  I also got a spoonful of 3 different veggie dishes from the hot bar too.  Everything was seriously delish!  I stashed my point n’ shoot for a few quick photos.

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We stumbled on a big art fair outside of WF and breezed melted through it…SO hot + bright!

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Free popsicle!!  We split it..yummers :)

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I didn’t exactly know what the plan was for later that night.  I thought we were probably going to a cool spot to check out fireworks, but Chris told me I would need hiking shoes.  We bought a few things at Whole Foods to pack dinner to take too. 

A loaf of ciabatta and some of my favorite goat cheese!  It’s local from Haystack Mountain farms.

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When we got home, Chris informed me that it was time for Birthday Lunch Dessert!  This was a first and I think I jumped in excitement at the idea.

He had a slice of turtle cheesecake hiding in the fridge that he bought the day before.

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This was tasty!!  We split it…lunch dessert is the best idea everrrr!

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Then we took the doggles for a walk. 

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Skirts + Vibrams…why not?

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The flowers are taller than I am!! [something crazy is going on with my neck in this photo!!!]

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Here was our spread for dinner!!  Goat cheese + jelly sandwiches are so underrated.  We both LOVED them.  Details on where we ended up going soon!  We both took a lot of photos that need to be sorted through + edited. 

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For the 4th, we went over to Pat + Nat’s house [Chris’s bro + wife] for an all day partay.  It was a ton of fun.  Nothing like hanging outside + relaxing with a bunch of good friends.  The food was awesome too!  I made Emily’s vegan black bean burgs, which were a huge hit!  Details coming soon on that too…

I need to go rest my sore body!!  

Awesome birthday…awesome weekend…gooooodnight!