adventure time [part.two.]

Dinner was packed for our evening birthday adventure…

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Delicious, delicious ciabatta bread. 

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We headed towards Boulder, still with no idea where we were really going.  I thought parking somewhere to watch fireworks, but I was wrong!  We went about 15min past Boulder to a little town called Sugarloaf.  We parked the car and hiked a little over a mile to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.  Even though it was only 1 mile it was a pretty great leg workout! 

The peak was really barren + charred, from a fire awhile back.  When we got to the top, there was not a sole around and this was our view.

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It was a small peak with a 360* view. 

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[Chris took most of these photos]

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After a scorching 95*+ day in Denver, this was refreshing.  It was in the 60’s and windy. 

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We took a few photos + walked around and then dug into our dinner.

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Such a fun surprise!!  It was really fun to celebrate my birthday doing so many fun things with Chris all day long.

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It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo, but I’m actually sitting in a chair that someone made from the rock pile.  There were 2 right next to each other.  They had a seat + back + arms and were actually comfy to sit it, despite the fact that they were rocks.

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The sweet rock chairs faced the way the sun sets.  Perrrfect!  Chris read something about the chairs online and thought it sounded really cool.  He also read it’s a spot most people don’t know about but perfect to watch the sunset.

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I think the rest of the photos are mine, except for the ones that I’m in..duh ;)

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It was such a gorgeous night.  I think a huge smile was plastered to my face ALL day long.

The huz even packed wine glasses in his backpack! Smooooth

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I was on sandwich making duty!

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Resting on the “arm” of the chair…I asked Chris if they reclined ;)

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Many of these were eaten.  Holy moly…bread + goat cheese + jelly = freaking amazing – We both loved it!

samich view

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mountain view

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Right after the sun dipped over the mountains.

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Definitely got chilly…glad we brought layers!

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It’s amazing how far you can see.

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And then out came a bag with a cupcake in it.

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It was a super delicious carrot cake muffin with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.  WHOA.  It was amazing. 

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I could have eaten three, for sure…I was nice + let Chris get a bite or two.

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I enjoyed.

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I have sooooooooo much to learn about outdoor photography!!

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The clouds in Colorado are crazy.  They’re the most interesting clouds I have ever seen…I know that sounds weird but it’s true! 

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So that was my awesome birthday surprise night. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. 

I have amazing family + friends.

I am SO very lucky.  



p.s. Thank YOU all for the wonderful happy birthday messages.  They were really fun to read :)