4th of jooolyyy

After my biking episode…we got home and I was busy in the kitchen.  Natalie seemed intrigued by the vegan garlic scape pesto, so I made her a quick batch before leaving for their house!  It literally takes about 7min from start to finish.  I think this batch came out even a little better, but I’m not sure why…

mmmmm I’m in love

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Also brought a watermelon that was delicious!  I had at least 7 triangles :)

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Pat + Nat got me an awesome Prana computer/purse/tote that I LOVE.  It just so happens to match the yoga bag Chris got me for xmas perfectly!

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Ann is sick of smiling for the camera, hehe.

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Hangin’ out.  Such a fun + relaxing way to spend the 4th!

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Anyone here play washers?  I had never seen this before Pat/Nat made a set.  I like it, but I think I like cornhole better!

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Ann made fabulous salads, per usual! 

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I made Emily’s vegan black bean burgers, which were a huge hit!  Everyone loved them, even the meat eaters.  One friend said this was the most delicious + healthiest cookout he’s ever been to…yay :)

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My plate!  I loaded up the toppings on the bean burger.  Soooo good!!  Oh, and those bean burgers also take about 7min to make, minus cook time.  Love it!  I had a hunk of a vegan seitan “hot dog” that Nat/Pat bought.  They were pretty good…nice + spicy! 

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The neighbors set off 100’sssss of dollars in fireworks…we watched!

The boyz.

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Who runs from a watermelon??

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Everyone does, when the neighbors blow it up with a 1/4 stick of dynamite.  It flew SO far….I think I would have rather eaten it ;)

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Love these ladies!!!

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Such a fun day thanks to Pat + Nat for hosting!  Off to Melissa + Matt’s now for a birthday dinner :)  The celebrating just keeps on going.  I’ll probably have a few cute pics of Jake for you too…so get ready ;)