the monster is back

I know how much you have all enjoyed photos of baby Jake in the past.   I had Melissa send me a few new photos to show you how BIG he is getting. 

Love this little guy!!!

Back Camera

Back Camera

I don’t know if the above or below photo is cuter!! 

Back Camera

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Good lookin’ kid…Good lookin’ parents!

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Big boy haircut!

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Back Camera

His famous scrunched face smile :)

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Guess where I’m posting this from??

HOME!!!!!!!! WE ARE HOME!!!!    

We’re still waiting for some test results, but there wasn’t really anything else they could do for him that we can’t do at home. 

rest + water + food

Hopefully his kidney function continues to move in the right direction like it has been the past few days!  I can’t even tell you how excited I was to drive the huz home!!!!  Can’t wait to sleep in a BED instead of a recliner!

Movie then BED.

<3 <3 I have read ALL of your comments but just haven’t been able to reply with everything going on. Thank you ALL!!  I know I couldn’t have made it through the week without your encouragement and positivity!! <3 <3