3 photos…really?

Does anyone have the restaurant Garbanzo by them?  Chris goes there every once in awhile, but I had never been.  We needed to grab a quick bite before heading to Ft. Collins and this was on our way.  It’s like a Mediterranean style Chipotle and it was delicious! 

I got this huUUge plate of food, plus a large whole wheat pita for $6.  The pita was soft, thick + fluffy.  I got to pick from at least 10 different things to put on my plate.  For their vegetarian option you get 6 falafel.  Yes, they are deep fried, and oh so delicious.  I only ate 3 though.  This was a LOT of food.  Everything else on the plate was pretty light + delicious.  All different kinds of Mediterranean salads and eggplant on top.

In a pinch, it was a tasty + pretty healthy option.

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I saved the pita for a road snack, as this was a LOT of food!

We didn’t have much luck looking for houses to rent today.  We didn’t see too much on craigslist, so we thought driving around would be a better option, figuring we would see “for rent” signs.  No such luck.  Literally, I think we saw 4, for rent signs and almost all were for just 1 level of the house. 

There was 1 house we went to see specifically and it was as close to perfect as we’re gonna get.  However, they’re showing it for the next few days and going to rent it to “the best fit.”  Having 2 large dogs probably isn’t helping our case.  Fingers crossed for it.  The lot is really large, with an awesome fenced in backyard.  The house is old!  Like 100yrs old, but it’s in really good shape and would actually fit all of our furniture.  Gah!!! I can’t stop thinking about it and how cute it is. 

One “con” is that there are ZERO closets.  There is an unfinished basement for storage and a small 1 car garage for storage as well, which we definitely need.  We would have to set up shelving/drawers in the bedrooms, which wouldn’t look the best, but other than that, it’s pretty ideal.  We won’t know for a few days, and I’m pretty nervous, especially because there are not many other options at this point.


We stopped at a local coffee shop for a little caffeine. 

Delicious cappuccino.

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Ahhhdorable coffee shop + bookstore.  I love the charm of downtown Ft. Collins.  I can’t wait to show you more once we move!

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We ate diner, at a small local sandwich shop, but that went un-photographed.  Pretty boring day but at least I didn’t spill anything today!!  Yesterday wasn’t bad either.  I didn’t mind having an “off” day.  I pretty much got to laugh at myself all day long.  :)

Seriously.  Only 3 photos today.  I guess I should have saved Sunday breakfast for this post.  Oooops! 

Well, I guess I can dig around for some old but new content.

In grad school I reallllly got into watercolor painting.  We were actually offered Watercolor 1 + 2 as a course in the architecture department.  The teacher was amazing.  He told insanely crazy stories the entire class and was such an inspiration.  Guess what my favorite thing to watercolor was?

Obviously.  Food.  This was a photo from my point n’ shoot.

 apricot image

I cropped it to this.

cropped apricot image

And then painted this.

apricots large

Pepper photo.

peppers image


peppers image cropped

Pepper painting.

peppers large

Nothing mind blowing, but I really enjoyed it.  It takes so so much time.  Layer upon layer of paint.  It’s meditative/relaxing, similar to yoga.  One day I will get back to this.  I have some books to finish reading first though!

Color bleeds.

color bleeds 1-2-3-4

Uhhh…okay, I’ll stop searching my external hard drive for more artwork + photos and go to bed.  I’ll try to take more photos tomorrow :)