red pie

A sale on organic heirloom tomatoes?  Yes please!

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Oh, I love how awkward + ugly you look.

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This ugly ‘mater was completely amazing.  I’m not even sure how to describe it, but I never knew tomatoes could taste this good. 

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The daylight was slipping away!

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This guy was delicious as well but didn’t even come close to the green/pink tomato.

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I bought fresh, whole grain dough from Whole Foods.  It is deeelicious!  This first pie was inspired by one that Jenna made recently.  The “sauce” was a ricotta/mozzarella/garlic/s+p combo that was super tasty.  I added spinach with the zucchini but next time would just use the zucchini.  There was something about the spinach that I didn’t like with this combo.

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I also made a red pie with homemade pizza sauce, heirloom tomatoes, roasted garlic, s+p.  Making pasta/pizza sauce used to sound really scary to me.  However, I promise my recipe is a breeze!  I added red pepper flakes for a little burst of heat in this sauce.  It has so much flavor, and tastes so fresh, that you cannot even begin to compare it with ANYthing store bought.  The red pie stole the show, by a mile!

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I piled on as much sauce as possible!!  Ready for the oven.  450* for about 12min.  You have to try this out and then you will know why it’s not topped with cheese.  It was not for health reasons. :)

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While your pizza is baking away, make a quick salad with leftover pizza toppings.  MmmMmm

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All baked up with my light dwindling awaaaay.  

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This was extremely tasty as well.  I loved the flavors from the cheesy sauce.   

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red pie……..mmmmmm

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I’m back in the full swing of working out again, since the craziness of last week is over.  I went on a long walk in my new kicks the other day, gone on another 20+ mile bike ride and today I swam for 2000m = 1.25 miles :) I think this is my furthest distance yet.  I covered this distance in 48min and that is 80 lengths.  I’m astonished that I didn’t lose track of my laps!  It felt awesome to get such a good swim in and feel so good afterwards. 

After a major refueling, I met up with this awesome chick, Heather, from Dietician on the Run.  She just moved from DC to Colorado and recently spoke on one of the panels at The Healthy Living Summit.  It was great to meet her in person and walk/talk around Wash Park.  We also stopped for iced coffee afterwards, at Wash Perk.  I really enjoy meeting other bloggers.  There is never a shortage of things to talk about!  I’m going to miss Wash Park when we move to Ft. Collins in 2 weeks!!! 


Did I mention that during last week I found us a place to live???  We were getting down to the wire!

Check out our lovely backyard!!!  The house was built in the 70’s but has been updated and is really cute.  I am excited to move, but….need to start packing….barf.


Happy Friday!

<3 Ashley