i did it

Ahhhh, I Just couldn’t wait any longer!!!

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I’m not rushing summer away, but man oh man am I ready for pumpkin!!

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I was craving a banana scramble + pumpkin, so why not marry them together? 

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Still working on the recipe.  It was deelicious, but not perfect!  The toppings though…caramel Oikos + walnuts, mmm mmm mmm.

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I got THEE most amazing package today.  It was a box FULL of all my my Healthy Living Summit swag, that I thought I missed out on, from not attending.  The ever so sweet, Julie + Heather, organized these papers to be signed for us by everyone at the cocktail party.  All of this love brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you two and everyone else for your thoughtful notes :)

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It was my lucky day.  Do you know what else arrived at my doorstep???  Kelsey balls!!  And let me tell you, the heat from today, definitely made those balls sweat!! [how old am I? hehehe] They promptly went into the fridge…in the box…with the peanuts…whatever, I was in a hurry.  I also ate 3 within minutes of receiving them.  Oh my delicious.  SO much more flavor than Larabars.  No comparison!

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I also got a special visit from Laura today!!  I haven’t seen her in WAY too long.  She brought me some super sweet bday gifts too!!  The chocolate from Seattle Chocolates, is outstanding.  I have tasted it before and was blown away.  I can’t wait to tear into these!  I’m also super excited about the necklace.  Remember, I was just complaining how I don’t know how to accessorize?  Thanks Laura!

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This morning I had an intense bike workout.  I took some advice from Caitlin’s dad.  He recently wrote a post on her blog about working in interval training into your bike workouts.  Holy moly.  My legs are dead!

Today’s Ride

  • 5 miles around 15mph
  • 4.5 miles with 6, 1 minute sprint intervals
  • 6.75 miles around 15mph

Total Ride Distance – 16.25 miles in 1 hour

For the intervals, I would sprint ride for 1min. at about 80% speed.  Then, I would return to my normal pace until my breathing was under control.  Then repeat.  I didn’t want to get too crazy my first time trying this, so I kept it at 6 sprints.

Such a great workout and a fun change.

Off to the Boulder Farmer’s Market in the morning.  It’s probably the last time I’ll be going there this season.  Very sad :(  Then it’s time to pack!  SO much to do.  Eeek!