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Sample from HLS swag bag.

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Meh.  Very disappointed. 5/10

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However, impressive.

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Boulder, CO sunshine!!

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Market time.

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I bought these solely for how GORGEOUS they are.

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Rainbow love.

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Squash it.

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New lovely friend!

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love. LOVE. LOVE!! {listen to them!}

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Italiano.  Best bread I have ever had. EVERRR. 

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After this fun day in Boulder, we came home to go through everything in the basement + get it packed up.  We were ruthless with purging and it was faaabulous.  We have a HUGE donation + trash pile.  By the end of the night I was covered in dirt and dead bugs.  Seriously.  Made a good dent though!

This morning I also went on a 3 mile walk/run at Wash Park in my Vibrams!!  I probably ran a total of 1 mile in .25m increments.  It felt great!  I’m hoping to keep up with that and increase the running slowly.  I *think* my feet are ready!