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When pumpkin’s open in the fridge, I can’t let it go to waste!

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Pumpkin oats in the Scottish variety. 

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Love Grown Foods granola.  My fav!!  Topped with Crofters + Peanut Butter saucey sauce.

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I promise there will be recipes soon.  Things have been chaotic lately, and I haven’t had time to get creative in the kitchen.

This cute little melon was only about 5” in diameter.  I obviously consumed the entire thing :) 

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I got it at the market the other day but forget it’s name!  It was super ripe + sweet but crunchy!  It was sort of a cross between cantaloupe + watermelon flavor.  It was supposed to be crunchy.  LOVED it.

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So sweet.

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Here are the pretty peppers I came away with!  They’re all sweet peppers.  No spice in these!

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Unfortunately, the only one that tasted good was the yellow pepper.  They either tasted like nothing or were kind of sour.  Blegh.

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Hangin’ out while I pack.

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Cleaning out the kitchen!!  The peppers got chopped + sauteed and mixed with millet, black beans, spices + fresh sweet corn.  Oh my word, this corn was AHmazing.  I don’t eat corn a lot but can’t pass up local, organic.  CRUNCH.

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This plate was lacking greens, so I heated up some peas [and thank you].  Eaten alongside a Sunshine burger.  The best + only veggie burgers I eat!  Topped with tomato paste.

And that is how you turn nothing into something.  Booyah.

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Time to chill and watch a movie with the huz.  HeatherRD is coming over at 10am for a bike ride.  Yes, we will have seen each other 3 times in 1 week.  What can I say?  We hit it off ;)  

I need to step up my productivity tomorrow too!  I made a dent today but must do better tomorrow.  I blame it on my intense swim.  After swimming + lunch, the bed sucked me in.  Oh well, at least I listened to what my body wanted.

Dead Fish 1850m total, 50minutes

  • 100m warm up
  • 500m freestyle
  • 100m freestyle plus 50m sprint freestyle x6 = 900
  • 250m breast stroke
  • 100m cool down

<3 Ashley