can we put it on the back burner???

Ohhhhhhh the packing continues.  Such fun right?  Well, I thought I would change things up a bit on here and give you a look at the packing going on over at Emily’s house.  We are both at home going insane from sifting through half-eaten books, old CD’s, and a dwindling food supply.  We’re both moving next weekend.  However, Emily is moving hours away to DC and downsizing a lot.  She definitely has it a bit rougher right now! 

By the way…are you familiar with Emily at The Front Burner Blog??  I am in love with Emily’s blog.  She has a way of capturing her life that I can’t get enough of, and she is a complete whiz in the kitchen.  Her recipes are worth making.  And then making again.  Ummm, hello black bean burgers.  I wish her all the best in DC and can’t wait til the day we can finally meet! 

Head on over to Emily’s blog to see what I’ve been up to!  I’ve added in a little commentary to her photos…I just couldn’t help myself!

IMG_9636 (640x476)


IMG_9638 (640x463)

IMG_9639 (640x473)

Honestly, this scares me.  WHERE is the rest of this sweatshirt??? 

IMG_9656 (640x480)


IMG_9659 (640x480)

I do!

IMG_9665 (475x640)

Is Casey shipping you to Colorado???? :)

IMG_9669 (480x640)

Gulp.  I think you win on amount of things to be packed.

IMG_9670 (640x480)

Looks about as depressed as Dakota.

IMG_9673 (458x640)

IMG_9674 (473x640)

In need of a belly scratch.

IMG_9676 (640x479)

I busted out laughing at this one!!!

IMG_9677 (640x468)

IMG_9678 (640x462)

IMG_9679 (640x480)

IMG_9680 (640x470)

Steamboat!! I’ve been there!

IMG_9681 (640x482)


IMG_9684 (480x640)

I also think it’s quite hilarious + odd that we both gave each other 17 photos to post. 

Hope you enjoyed our random craziness!!!