happy birthday

We had a great time last night, celebrating Chris’s birthday with most of our Colorado friends.  It was also our last big outing before heading to Ft. Collins.  We’ve had a crazy crazy August, but I am so thankful that all of the health issues are behind us, and now we can look forward to a fresh start in Ft. Collins. 

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SO thankful to have this guy in my life.  We balance each other out pretty well.  [I’m crazy + he’s calm]  We met in the winter of 2002.  Chris’s roommate was a good friend of mine, in the Architecture program at Ohio State.  So, I inevitably met Chris at one of their house parties.  Soon after, we had our first date, which was snowboarding [lanfill turned ski resort in ohio] and dinner.  4 years later we were engaged and living in Charlotte, NC. 

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The lovely bro + sis, that so kindly let us live with them for 4 months when we moved out here.  :)

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Part of the birthday crew.  Hovan + Ali, Kurtz + Ann

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Love these ladies as well!!

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We’re off to brunch at Lucille’s and then the packing continues.  What a fun birthday!!  We’re also heading to Rioja for dinner tonight.  I could not be more excited!!!

Happpppy Birthday Chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3