food fest

A little rewind:

Saturday, I stopped at the Cherry Creek farmer’s market for the last time before we move.  :(  I’ll definitely miss seeing Maddy’s smiling face every week!!  She and her boyfriend are the owners of the Love Grown Foods granola company that I talk about all.of.the.time.  If I don’t make my own granola, this is all I eat.

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Maddy puts so much love + work into the company it’s amazing.  If you’re in Colorado, you can find this granola at King Soopers and some Natural Grocers.  It make me miss my granola bar company!!  They have 2 new flavors coming out and all of their granola is now gluten free!  They’re using certified gluten free oats, which is just awesome. 

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Onto Sunday:

Why oh why have we never eaten here???  It’s about a 3/4m walk from our house and freaking delicious.  Maybe it’s a good thing we waited so long.  It’s completely indulgent but oh so amazing.

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Lucile’s is only open for breakfast + lunch.  On the weekend there are ALWAYS people outside and the wait is on average 45min.  Nuts!

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Look at the lovelies that came out for birthday brunch :)  Pat + Nat!

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The lighting inside was not in my favor, but I tried to take a few photos to show you anyway. :)

First up. Beignets.  Yeah….no words can explain the deliciousness that was going on here.  Airy, sweet fried dough covered in powdered sugar. 

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Next up.  Biscuits.  Again…I’m at a loss for words.  It was like no biscuit I’ve ever had.  It was like biscuit cake.  Oh my word.

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I got the veggi eggs benedict, which came with delicious local poached eggs, an english muffin, tomato, spinach and avocado.  I got the hollandaise on the side because I typically don’t like the flavor.  The sides were potatoes and grits.  Honestly, the best of both I’ve ever had.

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Pat was pumped.  Such a fun brunch with the family for Chris’s bday :)

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We came home and practically passed out from all of the butter consumption, mmmmm.  However, I ran a few errands and then packed up the kitchen with Chris.  We’re about 2/3 of the way done with it.  Definitely the hardest part of packing!  I managed to make it out for a walk/run at Wash Park too.  One of my last :(  verrrrry sad about leaving the park! 

My feet felt great.  I ran about 1.25 miles [split up in about 4 intervals] total and walked about 2.25. 

I found my stride today!!!  I didn’t know I was looking for it, until I actually found it.  It felt completely natural, strong + comfortable.  Different from the other times I’ve run in my VFF’s.  My feet were flying and felt great.  It was hard to stop to walk, but I still don’t want to overdo it.

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I kept the orange dress!!  I was supposed to wear this at the Healthy Living Summit, but life had other plans.  It was so nice to go out to a nice dinner.  It was actually a gift from my parents for our anniversary, that we still really hadn’t celebrated.  We weren’t together for our anniversary this year, and the summer just flew by, so we decided to wait and save it for Chris’s birthday weekend.

Love pockets in dresses!

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I even accessorized with a necklace.  I’m learning, slowly!

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Off to dinner at Rioja – hiiiighly recommend!!! :)

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Probably the best pinot noir we’ve ever had.  We split a half bottle.

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There was a guy with a HUGE bread basket circling the restaurant offering the most amazing bread you can imagine. 

This was lavender sourdough.  I know it sounds sort of odd, but I’ll just tell you it was 110% completely amazing.  Chris had a fennel + orange roll and a kalamata olive baguette.  I also had a salted rosemary + goat cheese biscuit.  All of the bread was fabulous.  However, the lavender sourdough stole the show.

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The restaurant lighting was very dim!

Watermelon salad, with red + yellow melon and 2 crazy delicious sauces.

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This was house-made ricotta gnocci, that was browned to perfection.  I savored each + every little bite.  The house-made cheese on top was also fabulous with a pesto sauce underneath everything.  Out of this world. 

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I can’t even tell you how enticing the dessert menu looked.  However, we had froyo on the brain. 

Pomegranate/Strawberry + Peanut Butter topped with almonds.  We grabbed this from Kuulture.  Fabulous!!  The peanut butter was extremely flavorful and creamy.  I also loved the pom/strawb.

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Chris went with a plain serving of the pom/strawb, but I fancied it up with a candle + a song :)

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We are pooooooped and stuffed!!!  Goooodnight!