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I’ve gotten this question a lot:  “I would love to cook non-instant oats each morning but just don’t have the time.  Is it possible to make a big batch once a week and re-heat them throughout the week?”

I have assumed, but can now answer for sure, “Yes!”

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Like I said yesterday, I made a triple batch of my typical cinnamon, banana Scottish Oats.  I’m sure making any type would work.  I cooked them, then let cool a bit, stuck in tupperware and into the fridge they went.  This morning I took out 1/3 of the batch, added ~2-4T almond milk and microwaved the bowl for 2min.  Then I just whisked them up with a fork and they were super creamy and delicious!

I would say the overall texture/flavor was compromised sliiightly.  However, this saved at least 20min of time, between cooking + cleaning.  It’s not something I will typically do, but great if you want a delicious breakfast but are short on time in the AM!

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Stirred in a peach and topped with Love Grown Foods granola + my cinnamon honey peanut butter.  Good as new!

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I had fun grown-up things to do this morning [changing address, phone calls, etc] but got out for a THIRTY mile bike ride!!  I finished in 2hrs and it was fabulous.  My legs were pretty dead by the end.  I came in and did 20min of yogadownload Yoga for Cyclists.  It honestly makes my body feel SO much better.  Lunch was consumed before I even thought about where my camera was :)  Then the rest of the day was spent packing!! Soooooooooo fun. [lie]

Things are extremely boring on my end right now…so let me pick your brains!

Any good organization tips that you use at home or when moving to a new place?

Any good DIY craft projects for decorating?? 

Well, I do have 1 more thing to share.  A full review on Glass Dharma straws!!  I was SO excited to receive this complimentary box of beautiful glass straws.  Look out for a giveaway soon!

LOVE the packaging.  Simple + clean.

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Straw #1 is small + oh so cute.  It comes with a special brush for cleaning.  Many of you asked how to clean these.  Dharma is 1 step ahead of you!  Including this brush is key!

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This is a 6oz glass, just so you know the scale of this straw.  It is small and best used in a juice glass like this one.  I love the blue details!

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Straw #2 A taller + wider straw but similar to the previous.

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I haven’t encountered any issues with the straws, except they are obviously somewhat fragile.  However, I did drop one in the sink and it survived!

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Straw #3 is much wider and the glass is thicker than the previous 2 straws.  I really love this straw.  I think it is my favorite.  It’s great for smoothies because the opening is larger, allowing for the thickness of the smoothie to pass through more easily.

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Straw #4 has a great design.  I love the bend!  Also a great smoothie straw!  Recently, I have come to love drinking with straws.  It’s nice for smoothies because you don’t end up with smoothie on your face, when everything in the glass shifts.  Also, for some reason, I end up drinking a lot more water throughout the day when I use a straw.

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So pretty!!

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You can better tell the size difference in this photo below. 

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These are great for personal use but also make a fun, unique gift!  If I’m just drinking water, I wash by hand with hot soap + water.  If I drink a smoothie, I use hot soap + water and run the brush through it as well.  I really don’t mind the extra 30sec it takes to clean the straw.  I would much rather use these than the throw away kind. 

The only warning I would give is, if you’re a straw chewer, don’t bite down on these!! ;)

Time to get my sleep on.